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Fall Gardening Basics: What You Need To Know About Cover Crops

Aside from your green thumb, the quality of your garden’s soil is one of the most important factors in the success of your plants. That's why, as we...

Melissa Lafontaine
September 3 2014

Do Drive-Thrus Kill More People Than Drive-Bys?

This inspiring video will inspire you to plant your own community garden.

March 12 2013

DIY: Grow Your Own Sprouts

I often talk to people who really want to improve their diet and health but can’t afford to spend more than they already are on their weekly grocery...

Louise Jensen
January 27 2013

3 Superfoods You Can Grow At Home

Superfoods have become a big market in the US, with loads of healthy eaters shelling out big bucks for powders and liquids to help them stay healthy...

Rishi Kumar
January 20 2013

5 Seasonal Lessons from Nature

Fall is the season of change. I am reminded of this daily as I watch the wildlife and plants begin to slowly take new forms and color in preparation...

Carole-Ann Mobley
October 1 2012

3 Steps to a GMO-Free Vegetable Garden

Last week, I wrote an article which told readers the best ways to avoid GMOs in your daily lives. My number one suggestion was to grow your own food...

Rishi Kumar
October 1 2012

Turning Defeat Into Power

Yesterday morning, I ventured out to my garden to check on a squash plant that I had recently replanted. It's needed some extra care and attention:...

Amanda Carney
August 24 2012

6 Reasons to Volunteer at a Local Farm

Last summer, I spent long afternoons knee deep in bean stalks and blackberry brambles, with a basket full of fresh-picked fruits and vegetables at my...

Kristen Hedges
July 25 2012

Grow Your Own Fresh Summer Herbs & Fresh Basil & Pea Soup Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Last week I wrote about eating fresh veggies from a garden. But that’s only one type of garden. Not everyone has access to a piece of land (or perhaps...

Abby Phon
June 28 2012

4 Simple Steps for DIY Composting

There are ENORMOUS benefits to adding just a little compost to your soil. Improved soil structure, aeration, and water retention are just a few...

Erin Yasinski
June 16 2012

10 Easy Tips for Loving Our Earth

Taking care of our planet doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be pretty easy -- and make you healthier and save you money. Here are ten...

Brenna Ortner
April 22 2012

5 Ways to Keep Your Garden Growing in the Colder Months

Even though I was laying on the grass in 80 degree weather yesterday, my heart knows that the clock is ticking on the warmer days.

Anthony Anderson
August 24 2011