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How To Actually Train Your Mind To Become A Better Runner

Yes, self-confidence can make you try harder—but it can also work in more subtle ways. Telling runners they look relaxed makes them burn measurably...

Alex Hutchinson
February 12 2018

Here's How This Triathlete Nails The Work-Life Balance — And Makes Time For Saying No

Exercise isn’t one-size-fits-all, so find a routine that motivates you to get moving.

Nicole Loher
February 8 2018

Is Yoga The Key To Acing An Ironman? This Triathlete Thinks So

"I practice yoga six days a week. I give yoga all the credit for me to be able to come back as strong as I have."

Leigh Weingus
October 5 2017

5 Reasons To Do Squats Every Day

Squats are a mainstay in just about every program for trainers and athletes. The move has a variety of benefits for every body, no matter where you...

Nora Tobin
March 29 2015

How To Believe In Yourself When No One Else Does

Ironman champion Hillary Biscay explains how she went from being a terrible age-group swimmer to a world-class professional athlete. In this talk, she...

August 3 2014

Ironman Champ Hillary Biscay On How To Stay Strong When You Want To Quit

Ironman champion Hillary Biscay has finished 66 Ironmans in her career, and at some point in every single one of them she has wanted to quit and cry....

June 11 2014

5 Tips For Anyone Who Thinks They Can't Do A Triathlon

I often meet people who tell me they would love to do what I do—endurance sports—run a marathon, finish a triathlon, etc ... but that they "can't."

Hillary Biscay
August 16 2013

5 Tips To Finish Your First Ironman

I've been a professional triathlete for eight years and have finished 61 Ironmans. But back in 2001, when I was training for my first Ironman as an...

Hillary Biscay
July 23 2013

How A Shaman Helped An Ironman Athlete Become A Champion

Recently, Hawaii Ironman World Champion Mark Allen was voted ESPN's Greatest Endurance Athlete of all Time.

Brant Secunda
March 10 2013

I Am Not A Conventional Mom

I am not conventional. I haven’t ever really “fit” in. When I was growing up, I was always just left of center. I also spent many of those years...

Dawn Elder
November 6 2012

Why You Need to Read 'Finding Ultra' by Rich Roll

Even if you aren’t dreaming of completing an endurance race, you’ll still be blown away by Rich Roll’s account of his transformation from an...

Colleen Wachob
May 24 2012

Hillary Biscay's Ultraman Thanksgiving Detox

After a day of gratefulness, there are many different ways we choose to enjoy our post-Thanksgiving bliss. For some of us this involves detoxifying...

Colleen Wachob
November 26 2010

Ultraman Essentials

After eight Ironman races this year, I am in the thick of my preparation for my longest race yet: the Ultraman World Championships on the big island...

Hillary Biscay
November 9 2010

Banana Gluten-Free Scones: Rich Roll Ultraman-Style

Whether your morning breakfast ritual involves a Spirulina-infused green blend, organic sprouted Ezekiel bread, or some grain-ola, experts agree that...

Colleen Wachob
October 29 2010

Ironman Champ Hillary Biscay on Shorter Races

World Triathlon Corporation, the owner of Ironman, the famous 141-mile triathlon, is launching a series of 13 shorter races called the 5150 series,...

October 11 2010