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Yes, You Can Get Paid To Travel (I Know Because I Did For 12 Years)

If you were to Google “how to travel the world," the articles and resources you see first might give you the impression you have to quit your job to...

Kimberly Ramsawak
October 15 2015

I Was A Pharmacist For 20 Years. Here's Why I Love Natural Cures

For 20 years, I worked as a pharmacist at a family drugstore in my small North Carolina town. It was frustrating when customers asked me for pills to...

Amy Greeson
September 10 2015

How To Look & Feel Great When You Fly: A Flight Attendant Tells All

Some tips and tricks to help you feel and look refreshed as you disembark the plane.

Katy Hull
August 1 2015

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vacation (Even If You Aren’t Traveling)

Whether you have the opportunity to travel near or far this summer, or are just looking to let go in the comfort of your own home, here are some tips...

Courtney Sunday
July 17 2015

I Quit My Job To Travel Around The World. Here's Why

As a child, I was a dreamer — headstrong and hard to please. Then I was a teenager, both wild and cautious, waiting for life to begin. Then a college...

Kim Dinan
July 10 2015

Yoga In Central Park: 25 Photos That Capture The Magic Of NYC

With summer officially here, there's no better time to visit the city's largest, iconic green space.

Robert Sturman
June 28 2015

5 Life-Changing Food Rules I Learned In France

While I was in college I studied abroad in Lyon, France — the gastronomic capital of Europe. Nothing solidified my food views and my relationship with...

Tiffany Bassford
June 5 2015

7 Things I Learned When I Moved To A Different Country

Every time I move, I become more aware of who I am, who my real friends are, and what I will and won’t stand for.

Courtney Sunday
May 19 2015

5 Truths World Travelers Know (But Never Talk About)

If we aren’t careful, fear will stop us from truly living a purposeful life.

Shannon Kaiser
May 6 2015

Yoga In Chicago: 18 Photos From The Windy City

The folks of Chicago are some of the most passionate people I've had the honor of working with throughout my travels. When I arrived there last...

Robert Sturman
April 30 2015

3 Common Myths About Gluten (Infographic)

You've no doubt heard plenty about gluten and going gluten-free. But do you know what gluten really is, and why some people are cutting it from their...

April 13 2015

Wish You Were Here: Yoga Photos From The Sunshine State

I would have never imagined that Florida was going to be one of the more prolific photo expeditions of my career. I decided to make the trip from Los...

Robert Sturman
March 22 2015

6 Everyday Ways To Add More Adventure Into Your Life

In order to truly live more adventurously, we need to give 100% of our minds to whatever we're doing.

Jeff Rogers
January 24 2015

How To Go On A Yoga Retreat Without Breaking The Bank

We all know that yoga retreats are highly desirable — with myriad benefits to your practice and overall well-being. And sure, with enough research...

Candace Moore
January 7 2015