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5 Sweet Lessons From Nature That Will Inspire You To Go Outside Today

Just as no two redwoods are ever exactly alike, there is nobody else on the planet just like you.

Brock Cannon
May 22 2016

A Simple 20-Minute Yoga Sequence You Can Do Anywhere

When traveling is your passion and yoga and fitness are on your everyday to-do list, it can be difficult to choose between the two. With these moves,...

Manmohan Singh
May 20 2016

My Family of 5 Travels Around The Country Full-Time In A Van. Here’s Why

Driving across the country felt like the complete opposite of safe. It felt more like free.

Nathan Swartz
May 16 2016

How To Create A Custom Yoga Retreat You Can Actually Afford

This month marks one year since I graduated from optometry school and embarked on a 30-day yoga and self-discovery program in Bali. Here are some...

5 Reasons To Attend A Woman's Fitness Retreat (That Have Nothing To Do With Being Fit)

It may sound dramatic to say that a surf and yoga retreat changed my life—except that it's true.

Rebecca Garland
May 9 2016

Travel Hacks To Help You Stay Healthy On The Road

International yogi Tara Stiles shares her top travel tips.

Tara Stiles
May 3 2016

Yoga In Jerusalem Through The Lens Of Photographer Robert Sturman

These photos from a single day in Jerusalem will make your jaw drop.

Robert Sturman
May 3 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Hotel Stay As Healthy As Home

People who travel a lot often wish they had more routine in their lives. Joe Cross, founder of Reboot With Joe, shares his secrets to maintaining a...

Joe Cross
April 22 2016

6 Ways To Maintain Your Yoga Practice Beyond The Studio

Thanks to my insatiable appetite for adventure, cultural experiences, and the wild unknown, I have been lucky enough to travel the world over these...

Rachelle Tratt
April 10 2016

The Wellness Destination Everyone's Talking About + 25 Of The Best Spots To Visit

Consistently rated among the top 10 healthiest cities in the U.S., Seattle is a wellness gem waiting to be discovered. That's why we found the 25 best...

April 8 2016

5 Stretches To Make A Long Flight (Or Day At Your Desk) Totally Pain-Free

Spring brings with it a busy travel season filled with tropical vacations and tons of wedding travel. And with travel comes hours of sitting in...

Katherine Greiner
March 30 2016

28 Can't-Miss Wellness Spots: San Francisco Edition

Eat, Move, Live, Breathe, and Love at San Francisco's 28 hottest wellness spots!

March 28 2016

This Major Hotel Chain Is Getting A Wellness Rebrand

It's time to get excited, because your next hotel visit could be complete with a mini bar stocked full of green juice and kombucha.

Emma Loewe
March 11 2016

An Awe-Inspiring Look Back On Scott Kelly's Historic Space Mission

Earlier this week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly ​touched down after 340 days in space.

Emma Loewe
March 6 2016

Check Out These Incredible Elephant Photos For World Wildlife Day

It's up to us—now more than ever—to protect these vulnerable creatures

March 3 2016

14 Adventurous Dates Guaranteed To Bring You Closer To Your Partner

Three years ago, my husband and I decided that instead of giving presents, we’d exchange gifts of presence.

Stevie Trujillo
March 2 2016