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A Simple 20-Minute Yoga Sequence You Can Do Anywhere

When traveling is your passion and yoga and fitness are on your everyday to-do list, it can be difficult to choose between the two. With these moves,...

Manmohan Singh
May 20 2016

How To Create A Custom Yoga Retreat You Can Actually Afford

This month marks one year since I graduated from optometry school and embarked on a 30-day yoga and self-discovery program in Bali. Here are some...

Travel Hacks To Help You Stay Healthy On The Road

International yogi Tara Stiles shares her top travel tips.

Tara Stiles
May 3 2016

Yoga In Jerusalem Through The Lens Of Photographer Robert Sturman

These photos from a single day in Jerusalem will make your jaw drop.

Robert Sturman
May 3 2016

6 Ways To Maintain Your Yoga Practice Beyond The Studio

Traveling and yoga are very similar, because they both give you the opportunity to witness the world from a different angle.

Rachelle Tratt
April 10 2016

This Major Hotel Chain Is Getting A Wellness Rebrand

It's time to get excited, because your next hotel visit could be complete with a mini bar stocked full of green juice and kombucha.

Emma Loewe
March 11 2016

An Awe-Inspiring Look Back On Scott Kelly's Historic Space Mission

Earlier this week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly ​touched down after 340 days in space.

Emma Loewe
March 6 2016

14 Adventurous Dates Guaranteed To Bring You Closer To Your Partner

Three years ago, my husband and I decided that instead of giving presents, we’d exchange gifts of presence.

Stevie Trujillo
March 2 2016

I'm Traveling The World With My 3-Year-Old & Homeschooling Her Along The Way. Here's Why

I can speak volumes to the incredible lessons my husband and I have learned through our travels. But how does this 'the world is my classroom'...

Stevie Trujillo
February 3 2016

Which Airlines Served The Healthiest (And Least Healthy) Food In 2015?

Public health advocate Dr. Charles Platkin (PhD, MPH) reviewed the food served in economy class on 12 U.S. and Canadian airlines and gave each airline...

Allison Daniels
December 27 2015

My Husband & I Have Lived In A Van For 6 Years. Here's What I've Learned About Love

“How have you not killed each other yet?” is the question I get the most at cocktail parties and social gatherings, followed by “I’d [insert slow...

Stevie Trujillo
December 17 2015

The 10 Best Cities For People Who Hate Traffic

Earlier this month, the government of Oslo, Norway, announced that it will completely ban automobiles from the city's center by 2019 — citing...

Emma Loewe
November 5 2015

11 Photos Of The Most Insane Airbnb Destinations Around The World

With more than 1.5 million home listings worldwide, Airbnb gives users the chance to rent out people's homes all over the world. We culled some of the...

Emma Loewe
October 25 2015

A Meteorologist Found A Way To Drive Through 70-Degree Weather Every Day For A Year

Meteorologist Brian Brettschneider just mapped out a solution to all of our weather woes.

Emma Loewe
October 21 2015

This American Airlines Flight Attendant Inspires Her Passengers With Tiny Window Notes

Flying sucks. Yes, there are those of us who don't mind it, who enjoy the taste of salty peanuts and Bloody Mary mix at 35,000 feet, but most of us...

Emi Boscamp
October 15 2015