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What It's Like To Be A Bigger Girl At The Gym

Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer and received an athletic scholarship to Penn State University. After college, I worked as a TV news anchor and...

Kate Eckman
August 17 2015

3 Exercises To Help You Finally Master A Pullup

As a personal trainer and fitness instructor there was one motion that had taunted me for years: The pull up. A while back, I was capable of swinging...

Dasha Libin, M.S.
July 31 2015

10 Exercises To Prevent Running Injuries

Do you love to run, but experience nagging soreness and muscle strains afterwards? I ran, jogged and sprinted through pain and discomfort for years...

Rachel Trotta
July 30 2015

10 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

A list of mantras that will help you become a champion of simple, healthy living.

Erin Oprea
July 29 2015

7 Tips To Help You Recover From An Injury The Right Way

It’s been four months since I tore my hamstring tendons while running. Ouch. It has not been an easy injury to recover from. Though I’m grateful for...

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D.
July 27 2015

The 15 Most Badass Men Of The CrossFit Games

Since it started in 2007, the CrossFit Games have been a must-watch event for fitness junkies around the world. Competitors must go through three...

Gabrielle Frank
July 23 2015

Why I Stopped Running With A Fitness Tracker

I ran every day. It was my thing and I was always proud of just going out and doing it — it didn't matter what the numbers said. Suddenly though, I...

Laura Peill
July 21 2015

12 Habits Of Fit & Healthy Women

The efforts we make to achieve our wellness goals can be hampered by the subconscious choices we make every day. Even minor bad habits and negative...

Neha Uberoi
July 20 2015

Is It Time To Give Up On Your Workout? Here's How To Tell

Follow these steps to help break the belief of “no pain, no gain” and start listening to and protecting your body.

Laura Di Franco, MPT
July 20 2015

5 Foam Roller Exercises To Strengthen Your Core

You may think of your foam roller as just a tool to help soothe your achey muscles, but it's actually a great piece of equipment to add to your core...

Dan O'Grady
July 11 2015

10 Top NYC Trainers On Their Favorite Pre-Workout Snacks

It seems like everyone has an opinion on what you should or shouldn't eat before a workout. Protein bars have too many calories, energy drinks have...

Gabrielle Frank
July 7 2015

5 Exercises That Will Get You In Better Shape Than Running

For those of us who aren't the biggest fans of running, or if you're just looking to mix things up a bit, here are five awesome exercises that will...

Yes, You Can Get In Shape Without A Gym Membership. Here's How

Many people see “getting in shape” as being synonymous with “going to the gym.” It’s not. While belonging to a fitness club can be convenient, it’s...

Dave Smith
July 5 2015

30-Second Moves To Tone Your Total Body

When it comes to getting lean and toned, you don't need a lot of time or a single piece of equipment. This total-body routine uses your bodyweight as...

Adam Rosante
July 3 2015

8 Signs You're Abusing Exercise

To prevent yourself from misusing exercise, you first need to know what exercise is, and formulate a REAL success plan toward your fitness, health,...

Dasha Libin, M.S.
June 30 2015