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6 Ways To Use Baby Powder In Your Beauty Regimen

Back when my kids were still in diapers and I was a deliriously tired mom with too much on my plate, I left for a family vacation and forgot my...

Kaia Roman
January 16 2015

BPA-Free Plastic Might Be More Toxic Than You Think

Last month, we reported that bisphenol-A (BPA) used in plastic bottles and cans could not only inflict long-term damage on those who ingest it; it...

Emi Boscamp
January 13 2015

5 Steps To Make Sure You're Getting The Purest Nontoxic Water Possible

January is the perfect moment to resolve to drink more water. Come to think of it February through December aregreat months to commit to this healthy...

Healthy Child Healthy World
January 12 2015

7 High-Performance Ingredients To Look For In Natural Skin Care Products

Scientific research is backing up what herbalists have known for a very long time: natural and botanical extracts can deliver high performance results...

Lorraine Dallmeier
January 6 2015

Corn Syrup May Be Even More Toxic Than We Thought

Well, now there's even more incentive to avoid the candy bars (as if SNL didn't freak us out enough already).

Emi Boscamp
January 6 2015

Build A Safer, Healthier Fire With These 8 Tips

What's cozier than a fire? Whether you're having one for warmth or to set a mood, building one with indoor air quality in mind is critical. Smoke is...

Healthy Child Healthy World
December 23 2014

5 Nontoxic Anti-Aging Skin Care Ingredients That Really Work

We all want healthy, beautiful, glowing skin. But if we're using conventional beauty products, we may be paying a high price for our health. Many of...

Liane Moccia
December 22 2014

10 Toxic Habits To Avoid When Winter's Bumming You Out

For many people, winter feels like a time when stress and sickness are inevitable. But they don't have to be! If you avoid these 10 habits, you can...

Dr. Nancy Simpkins
December 22 2014

10 Reasons To Trash Your Toxic Beauty Products Right Now

Natural beauty products are all the rage right now, and it's no wonder why! Making the conscious decision to embrace a pure, organic and toxin-free...

Irene Falcone
December 18 2014

New York Bans Fracking Due To Health Concerns

Today, Thomas Kaplan, a reporter for The New York Times, broke the news via Twitter that Governor Andrew Cuomo will ban hydraulic fracturing —...

Emi Boscamp
December 17 2014

5 Synthetic Carpet Alternatives For A Healthy, Sustainable Home

Aside from keeping the size of a home or structure down to what is really needed, one of the more impactful home building or remodeling decisions is...

Carrie Ciula
December 15 2014

To Heal Chapped Lips, Avoid These Harmful Lip Balm Ingredients

On the day I woke up with plump, pink lipstick that were free of lipstick or plumping gloss, I thought I'd hit the beauty jackpot. It was as if I'd...

Laurel Staples
December 9 2014

4 Steps To Giving Nontoxic, Experiential Gifts

Whatever holiday you and yours celebrate this time of the year, chances are pretty good that you're going shopping. Somewhere along the way, cheer and...

Healthy Child Healthy World
December 8 2014

9 Simple, Natural Tips To Improve The Air In Your Home

Our homes offer us a cozy, sacred space to breathe out each day's stresses and breathe in a familiar comfort. When we surrender to those...

Carrie Ciula
December 3 2014

What You Should Know About Toxins In Coffee: A Cardiologist Explains

Coffee drinking is an integral part of our culture, and more coffee is consumed in the US than any other country (however, on a per capita basis we...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
November 29 2014

What Your Skin Reveals About Your Health

Take a second and look at your skin from head to toe. What do you see? Many people observe wrinkles, acne, eczema, uneven rough skin or rosacea....

Megan Kelly
November 26 2014

How To Avoid Toxic Chemicals In Arts & Crafts (Infographic)

We're going to go on record as saying that it's just plain wrong that something as important to childhood as arts and crafts supplies can — and do! —...

Healthy Child Healthy World
November 24 2014

How Endocrine Disruptors Seriously Mess With Your Health

We all desire health and vitality; they're the reasons many people commit to a more natural way of living. While you may try to be careful about what...

Tania Reuben
November 15 2014

12 Food Additives You Shouldn't Be Eating

Environmental Working Group today published a new Dirty Dozen Guide to Food Additives designed to help people figure out which additives to avoid and...

Environmental Working Group
November 12 2014

6 Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Kids Products

The skin is our largest organ of our bodies and anything applied to it — moisturizer, soap, cosmetics, sun care — is absorbed into the body and the...

Kristen Peterson
November 9 2014