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Condition & Color Your Lips With This DIY Beet Lipstick

Editor's note: While it's easy to run to a beauty or drugstore to buy your favorite lipstick, why not take the DIY route and try your hand at making...

Pip Waller
April 26 2015

24 Toxic Skin-Care Ingredients + What To Use Instead (Infographic)

Looking at a list of toxic ingredients to avoid in cosmetics, I realized the standard list needed a bit of an update. For example, while parabens are...

Marie Veronique Nadeau
April 24 2015

10 Natural, Totally Doable Steps To Take For Your Best Skin Ever

As a beauty product curator, I have access to a lot of products. Much as I love that privilege, the secrets behind flawless skin are so much more than...

Jeannie Jarnot
April 22 2015

What The Labels On Your "Green" Products Really Mean

You’re certainly not dumb, but some manufacturers would like to think (or hope) so. With Earth Day today, many brands will be displaying their...

Lisa Beres
April 22 2015

Exfoliate & Nourish Your Skin With This DIY Body Buff

Editor's note: With temperatures warming up, hemlines and sleeves are bound to get shorter. To prep the skin that's been hibernating under layers of...

Pip Waller
April 19 2015

5 Antioxidant-Rich Ingredients To Look For In Your Skin Care

As the founder of a nontoxic beauty retailer that focuses on effective skin care products, I spend a lot of time talking to customers and the word...

Dara Kennedy
April 18 2015

A Holistic Secret To Glowing, Healthy Skin

Meditation is good for you, but did you know how good it is for your skin for your skin? A little-known side effect of meditation is an acceleration...

Kathryn Remati
April 15 2015

6 Reasons To Start Using Coconut Oil As Toothpaste

Coconut oil is one of those foods that seems to have endless uses. One use you may be unaware of is that it's a fantastic base for toothpaste. Often,...

Nathan Wiebe
April 12 2015

I Tested 6 Natural Deodorants So You Don't Have To

Ever since puberty, I've been hyper-aware of deodorant, perhaps to a fault. I'm mindful of how I smell at all times, and often find myself doing the...

Allie White
April 11 2015

5 Rules I Use To Keep My Kids Safe Around Cellphones

I’ve worried about my children ever since the World Health Organization called cell phone radiation a “possible human carcinogen.” Studies show that...

Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff
April 9 2015

7 Ideas To Create A Toxin-Free Nursery For Your Baby

Bringing home a new baby is a beautiful and emotional experience for every new parent. Keeping the baby healthy and safe is your highest priority, but...

Naomi Alon
April 8 2015

DIY: 3 Nontoxic Cleaning Products

These cleaners are wonderful and effective environmentally-friendly alternatives to strong-smelling chemicals. The essential oils leave a fresh, clean...

Pip Waller
April 6 2015

3 Herbal Recipes For Radiant Skin & Hair

Did you know everyday kitchen essentials like rosemary, sea salt, cilantro and avocado are perfect for DIY beauty products? Avocado and almond oil are...

Amie Valpone
April 3 2015

10 Ingredients You Need To Eliminate From Your Beauty Routine ASAP

Why do we know so little about the ingredients we put on our skin every single day? That's the question I've been asking myself for the last ten...

Jessica Assaf
April 2 2015

3 DIY Herbal Deodorants That Definitely Don't Stink

A great, gentle, delicious-smelling all-natural deodorant is the holy grail of green beauty gets. So instead of wasting your time and money searching...

Pip Waller
March 30 2015

9 Tips To Reduce Toxins & Support Your Immune System

What does "detox" mean to you? Most people think of fasting, dieting, or cleansing. And while these approaches can help eliminate toxins from the...

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor
March 28 2015

An Herbal Tea To Calm Your Skin

Made with herbs that are known to help calm skin flare ups, this tea works from the inside out to deliver its powerful benefits to your largest organ....

Pip Waller
March 27 2015

5 Reasons To Skip Bottled Water

Bottled water or tap? Whether we're on the go or stuck in one place for hours, we all need the answer to this question. Fortunately there is one: it's...

Heather White
March 25 2015

6 Tips To Make Sure Your Bedroom Isn't Ruining Your Sex Life

Has your romance fizzled when it comes to the sizzle? For many couples who live together, routine sets in and stability can wreak havoc in the passion...

Lisa Beres
March 20 2015