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Should Kids Come First? This Marriage Counselor's Advice Might Surprise You

Many parents prioritize kids first, then their relationship, then themselves. Experts want you to reconsider those rankings.

This Seemingly Innocent Habit Can Create Extreme Imbalance In Relationships

If your partner can't complete a simple grocery run without calling you for help, read this.

Julie Nguyen
July 18

18 Subtle & Unexpected Signs Of Anger Issues, From Psychologists

Anger is a normal human emotion, but when it starts to cause harm to ourselves or our relationships, it's important to take a step back and assess.

Want A Long-Lasting Relationship? Aim For This Magic 5:1 Ratio, Experts Say

This is one thing happy couples have in common, according to relationship researchers.

Kelly Gonsalves
June 12

Can You Tell When You're Being Defensive? 7 Red Flags To Look For

If you ever find yourself shouting "I'm not being defensive!", we have bad news for you...