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Do You Have Toxic Family Members? Here Are Some Ways To Deal With Them

Family relationships are complicated, and every situation is different.

Sherrie Campbell, Ph.D.
April 28 2019

12 Things To Know When You've Just Broken Up With A Narcissist

Breaking up with a narcissist is different from any other kind of breakup.

Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
April 25 2019

Here's How To Actually Let Go Of Relationship Baggage

According to psychologists and couples therapists.

Kathleen Wong
February 19 2019

Well Read: The 5 Books You Won't Be Able To Put Down This February

A millennial murder, a closer look at schizophrenia, and a dark and twisty psychological thriller.

Liz Moody
February 7 2019

The Real Reason Some People Cheat

The situation is not always as black-and-white as it seems.

Kelly Gonsalves
February 1 2019

Can A Narcissist Ever Change?

Here's what to consider if you realize you're dating a narcissist.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
January 21 2019