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How Naturally Thin People Eat, Move & Think About Food

I've been a fashion model for 10 years and over that time I've been surrounded by skinny people from all over the world, men and women from 15 to 50....

David Sciola
June 12 2014

13 Signs You're Already Great At Your Job

If you are anything like my most ambitious people, you might feel like you're not as good at your job as everyone seems to think you are, you're not...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
June 9 2014

7 Tips For Anyone About To Take A Leap Of Faith

In my 20s, I was a corporate robot. For me, yoga was a gateway drug to studying energy and consciousness and that’s when I started to chart my own...

Stacy Michelle
June 6 2014

A Model's Guide To Letting Go Of Self-Doubt

As a younger model, I dealt with a lot of rejection and judgment (like every model does), and it was frustrating because the only thing outsiders saw...

Emily Nolan
June 6 2014

7 Tricks To Take Your Green Smoothies To The Next Level

There's no shortage of information out there on the health benefits of drinking green smoothies. They give you a huge amount of nutritional bang for...

Talia Pollock
June 4 2014

20 Habits Of Highly Authentic People

Meeting someone living a uniquely crafted life is a breath of fresh air. These people are rare – it takes courage and self-confidence to be who you...

Simona Rich
June 3 2014

3 Tips To Tame Your Salt Cravings

Last time I wrote, I offered 3 healthy, nutrient rich alternatives to help those of you with a mad sugar addiction kick the habit to the curb. I don’t...

Nykki Hardin
June 2 2014

How To Effectively Deal With An Anxiety Disorder

It started slowly, so subtly that I wasn’t even sure what was going on. All I knew was that for some reason I couldn’t understand, in ninth grade, I...

Elizabeth Spevack
June 2 2014

How To Date Someone With A Drastically Different Diet

In a perfect world, we'd all find our dietary counterpart. Our gluten-free girlfriend, our plant-based partner, our lactose intolerant lover, our...

Talia Pollock
May 28 2014

Why You Should Try Growing A Compassion Garden

While gardening the other day, I was struck by how much we need to be simultaneously gentle and creative with plants, just as we must be in life. One...

Silvia Mordini
May 27 2014

28 Easy Self-Care Practices Anyone Can Do

When I was in my master’s degree program, one of the teachers presenting had us do a “self-care assessment.” I had never even heard the word self-care...

Rachel Wright
May 26 2014

6 Body-Weight Exercises For Strong & Toned Legs

Despite what most people think, hitting the squat rack or the leg machines at the gym isn't the only way to get strong, powerful legs. In fact, one of...

5 Tips To Manage Your Family Life & Still Achieve Your Dreams

I was recently speaking on a panel of experts on awakening your best self. A young woman raised her hand and asked what to do if she knows what she is...

6 Signs It's Time To Get More Organized

Let's face it. We all get disorganized at one point or another. Papers pile up, laundry doesn't get done, phone calls don't get returned. We've all...

Jordana Jaffe
May 23 2014

How I Lost 40 Pounds & Kept It Off

It’s been more than four years since I decided to take responsibility for my health and change my lifestyle. Not only have I lost over 40 pounds of...

Osha Key
May 23 2014

How To Detox Your Entire Life

Being holistic is a lifestyle. It’s not just about eating organic food and being a yogi. It’s about looking at your whole life, from your food to your...

Hayley Hobson
May 23 2014

Want Healthier Candy? Here Are 4 Companies You Should Know

I typically don’t have a major sweet tooth and I’m more likely to crave the 4 ounce filet after dinner than an ice cream sundae. But sometimes even my...

Erin Motz
May 20 2014

7 Tips To Make It Easy To Meditate Every Day

Six months ago, I was pretty much a newcomer to meditation. I'd dabbled before, done some workshops, but never managed to keep up a home practice for...

Kam-Mei Chak
May 19 2014

5 Signs You Or Someone You Know Is Too Competitive

Competition doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can compete against yourself and be better than you were yesterday. You can use competition as a...

Chris Freytag
May 18 2014

5 Tips To Recover From People-Pleasing

As a recovering people pleaser, I still find it hard to accept that not everyone is going to like me. But I've come to see that if I'm being true to...

Gigi Yogini
May 16 2014