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This HIIT Workout Will Get You Lean & Toned In 12 Minutes

What’s the quickest way to shed weight, build lean muscle, and reveal a toned and sexy physique? The answer is simple: strength training with...

Nora Tobin
July 29 2014

6 Tips To Take Great Photos Of People You Love

In the age of Instagram, I’ve noticed that many people believe a good picture comes from using the right filter. Or having a fancy camera.

Uma Sanghvi
July 27 2014

3 Simple Exercises To Get Your Sexiest Shoulders Yet

When it comes to working muscles that make a difference in how our metabolism functions, shoulders are often neglected. What a lot of people don’t...

Traci D. Mitchell
July 26 2014

16 Fun Ways To Say "I Love You"

Few sentiments carry the kind of weight that the three little words, “I love you,” does. But what happens when you say them so much that they start to...

A Beginner's Guide To Ujjayi Breath (Video)

We breathe all day, every day, but sometimes we don’t even notice the process. One of the greatest gifts we receive from our yoga practice is the...

Gigi Yogini
July 24 2014

7 Equipment-Free Exercises For Super-Strong Arms (Video)

Forget dumbbell-based workouts at the gym — if you want strong, toned arms, all you really need is your own body and a little motivation.

5 Tips To Survive Any Stressful Situation

I've lived through some pretty stressful projects including: completing work under tight deadlines for internationally renowned clients, trying to...

Sarah Von Bargen
July 21 2014

A 6-Minute High-Intensity Workout You Can Do Anywhere

High-intensity workouts, like Tabata and HIIT, are all the rage, ranking at the top of fitness trends for 2014 and for good reason. I’ve been doing...

Laura McDonald
July 15 2014

10 Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of A Cleanse

Doing a cleanse can be intimidating. This list is designed to remove some of those intimidating factors, as I've had some great success with The...

Rebecca Butler
July 15 2014

14 Easy Ways To Improve Any Piece Of Writing

“The struggle to improve our sentences, is the struggle to improve ourselves,” writes poet Mark Tredinnick. What is it that improves our writing?...

Joanne Fedler
July 9 2014

Do You Have Heartburn & Indigestion? Try This Natural Cure

Symptoms of heartburn, reflux, and indigestion are unbelievably common in today’s society. In fact, we spent $25.6 billion worldwide in 2008 to...

Jen Broyles
July 9 2014

4 Ways To Get Toned In Your Bathroom (Yes, Really!)

Sometimes, we're too busy (or not motivated enough) to get to the gym. But that doesn't have to mean skipping a day of working out entirely!

Eileen Fedyna
July 6 2014

A Widow's 3 Secrets For Curing A Cryover

“I thought you’d look worse” wasn’t the kindest thing I heard in the months after my 40-year-old husband died of a sudden heart attack, but it wasn’t...

How To Get Better At Handstands (Even If You've Never Done One Before)

Not only are handstands an incredibly effective way to build shoulder and upper-body strength, they're great for core strength, increasing your...

7 Ridiculous Myths People Believe About Losing Weight

As a celebrity fitness and nutrition expert for nearly three decades, myth busting has become a major part of my job. You know, the myths nearly...

JJ Virgin, CNS
June 25 2014

5 Things Women Need To Know About Staying Safe

Every two minutes, a sexual assault occurs in this country. Because of that, I’d like to share some guidelines for summer safety. Yes, these tips can...

Jennifer Cassetta
June 20 2014

14 Mantras To Stick To Your Path, Even When You're Doubting Yourself

If you've chosen to take the path less traveled, you know what a roller coaster ride it is. The ups, the downs, the twists and the wild turns that you...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
June 19 2014

Give Your Back A Great (And Safe) Stretch. Here's How

As a yoga teacher, I often hear that backbends are great for your back and spine. And, like you, I have read my fair share of articles claiming these...

Hope Zvara
June 17 2014

5 Self-Care Strategies For A Happier Life

Self-Care has become increasingly important in our fast-paced world. When we're mindful of taking care of ourselves, we can positively impact our...

Rucha Tadwalkar
June 16 2014

The #1 Way To Ruin A Perfectly Good Relationship

Couples therapist, clinical psychologist and bestselling author Sue Johnson talks to MindBodyGreen founder Jason Wachob about the biggest thing that...

June 13 2014