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What Is Percussive Therapy? Experts Break Down The Popular Recovery Technique

Does this magical tool really work?

#inflammation #flexibility #technology
Jessica Timmons
March 6 2021

This Lesser-Known Type Of Sex Toy May Take Your Orgasms To The Next Level

This lesser-known sex toy can offer new kinds of thrills.

#technology #libido #orgasm
Stephanie Barnes
February 28 2021

Are You Washing Your Sex Toys Enough? How To Make Sure You're Doing It Right

Yes, you're supposed to wash them after every use.

#libido #technology
Abby Moore
February 12 2021

A Beginner's Guide To Audio Erotica, In Case You're Curious

Everyone has their preferred method of getting turned on.

#orgasm #technology
Sarah Regan
January 28 2021

Feeling Weird About Your Body? Try This Sex Educator's Simple Solution

"I get to choose which messages that I internalize, and I get to create boundaries around the people, places, and things that take me out of my body."

#body positivity #confidence #technology
Kelly Gonsalves
January 19 2021

How To Deal With "Zoom Dysmorphia," According To A Therapist

Turns out, peering at your face all day on Zoom isn't so good for self-image.

#anxiety #COVID-19 #technology #acne
Jamie Schneider
January 12 2021

The 8 Best Sex Toys For Long Distance Relationships, From Sex Coaches

Technology sure is amazing, huh?

#dating #orgasm #libido #technology
Sarah Regan
December 26 2020

Dry Skin & Chapped Lips Are No Match For These 7 Desktop Humidifiers

Most of them double as diffusers, too.

#technology #skin care #essential oils
Emma Loewe
December 22 2020

Renter? Homeowner? How You Can Support Clean Energy Either Way

You might be surprised by the momentum that already exists in your area.

#environmentalism #technology
Heather White
November 17 2020

This Pattern Of Social Media Use Is Damaging To Mental Health & Self-Esteem

Whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, social media is integral to our lives.

#social good #news #technology
Sarah Regan
November 4 2020

Can You Reach Orgasm Without Using Your Hands? 25 Ways To Try It

Challenge accepted.

#orgasm #technology
Alex Shea
October 21 2020

This Alarm Trick Can Help You Actually Fall Asleep At A Decent Hour

No snooze button allowed.

#mbgsupplements #sleep #technology
Emma Loewe
October 16 2020

Is Dating Becoming More Authentic Thanks To COVID?

People are more aware of what they want these days.

#dating #single life #technology #COVID-19 #news
Kelly Gonsalves
October 14 2020

Your Guide To Ethical Porn: What Makes It Different & Where To Find It

Consent, respect, and diverse body types? Yes, please!

#technology #social good #libido #orgasm
Alex Shea
October 3 2020

9 Ways To Have Virtual Sex, Because Why Not?

From sexting to long-distance sex toys.

#technology #libido
Farrah Daniel
September 26 2020

How This Wild 2020 Has Changed Our Social Media Habits

The events of this year are making us rethink our screen time.

#news #technology #COVID-19
Kelly Gonsalves
August 7 2020

A Neurologist-Approved Trick For Using Technology More Mindfully

A simple suggestion to "reduce your screen time" might not be possible (or effective) in our new normal.

#brain #technology
Elizabeth Della Rocca
July 24 2020

Using Your Smartphone Doesn't Make You A Bad Parent, Researchers Find

Let's stop making assumptions about parents, OK?

#technology #news
Kelly Gonsalves
July 11 2020

Vipassana Meditation: The Details Of This Extreme (And Effective) Practice

"There's nothing like 10 days of silence to show you the nature of your own mind."

#technology #empowerment #Journey

Why Video Dates Might Be Here To Stay, Even After Reopening

Video dates actually solve a lot of common dating app problems.

#dating #technology #single life #COVID-19 #news
Kelly Gonsalves
June 26 2020