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5 Reasons Spirulina Is The Next Big Superfood

Superfood: A naturally existing bundle of powerful, densely packed nutrients that enhance health and protect from disease. Generally derived from...

August 21 2014

11 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar Every Day

Everyone should have a bottle of raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (aka ACV) in their home! It’s a multiuse vinegar for...

Dr. Tina Discepola
August 7 2014

10 Green Smoothies That Won't Break The Bank

We've all heard of the amazing benefits of green smoothies. People everywhere are using green smoothies to transform their health. Every good...

Torrie Pattillo
July 11 2014

Turn Your Green Juice Into A Refreshing Cocktail With These Recipes!

I believe in work hard, play hard. My business partner, Danielle, and I fill our weeks with cleansing greens, hydrating vegetables, and nutrient-dense...

Whitney Tingle
June 5 2014

The Ultimate Guide To Superfoods (Infographic)

You've probably heard the word "superfood" tossed around quite freely in recent years, which can make it difficult to keep straight all the...

June 3 2014

Perfect Weekday Snack: Vegan Almond Butter Chocolate Mousse

This little treat is super easy to whip up and is absolutely delicious. I love it as a mid-afternoon snack or when I crave something chocolatey.

Pauline Hanuise
May 21 2014

10 Easy Ways To Eat Better Every Day

When it comes to nutrition, we're often faced with an incredible amount of options. And although we like to have choices when making decisions about...

May 20 2014

Nutrition Dos & Don'ts (Infographic)

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in a sea of information and confusion about what to it eat, how to eat it, when to eat it and how much to...

May 1 2014

Mint Chocolate Chip Superfood Smoothie

What do you get when you combine vanilla, mint, dark chocolate, banana, date, and avocado? One of the tastiest, surprisingly good-for-you-iest...

April 23 2014

Everything You Need To Know To Make Great Green Smoothies

Now that the weather is warming up, it's a great time to lighten up, shed those winter clothes, and start drinking green smoothies again!

Dr. Alejandra Carrasco
April 23 2014

Pan-Seared Wild Salmon & Sunflower-Dill Pesto

Now that we've covered nutrients to look for in our foods and supplements and things to eliminate immediately from our diets, you may be thinking,...

April 18 2014

The Super Antioxidant We All Need (And No One Knows About!)

Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent, and it’s also something of a well-kept secret. Outside the wellness...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
April 6 2014

The Easiest Superfood Smoothie You'll Ever Make

I love a smoothie that's quick, simple, delicious, and nutrient-rich, containing all of the fat, fiber, and protein essential for a complete snack or...

Lisa Gatti
March 27 2014

A Nourishing Vegan Soup To Keep You Warm This Winter

You skim articles, rush through your commute, and zone out, but you can’t skimp on your health. In the midst of polar vortexes and a busy schedule,...

February 7 2014

Want To Lose Weight? Eat Chocolate

I love being the bearer of good news. In this case, it's that chocolate, arguably the most beloved food on Earth, should be eaten to help control...

Dr. Will Clower
February 4 2014

Want To Get Healthier? Eat Chocolate

The word "cacao" means "food of the gods." Looking closely at its nutritional content, it becomes clear why that name is well deserved, and why...

Sara Vance
January 30 2014

Superfood Breakfast Bowl

Açaí berries are superfoods that are native to the Amazon and grow in parts of Central and South America. Açaí bowls are traditionally served in...

Leanne Wei
January 29 2014

3 Tips To Ease Into A Grain-Free Lifestyle

Have you heard about going gluten free and grain free? The grain-free lifestyle is gaining more exposure every day, and more people are looking to cut...

Sonnet Lauberth
January 27 2014

Why Everyone Should Try Sprouting Chia Seeds

I have to admit, I was a little bummed at Christmas when at my family’s gift exchange, I was the recipient of a Chia Pet. Everyone else got stuff they...

Christy Lonergan
January 26 2014

5 MORE Foods To Supercharge Your Smoothie

In my post called 5 Foods To Supercharge Your Morning Smoothie, I explained just how important it is to start your day off with a healthy breakfast...

Sharee James
January 25 2014