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Women Who Are Cheated On By Men "Win" In The Long Run, Study Says

In the wise words of Beyoncé, "You thought that I'd be weak without you, but I'm stronger."

Emi Boscamp
April 27 2016

Uncertainty Is More Painful Than Pain Itself, Study Says

But there's a silver lining: not all anxiety is counterproductive.

Emi Boscamp
April 5 2016

The Science Behind Closing Your Eyes When You Kiss

It's not because you're afraid of seeing the other person's face too closely or coming off as creepy with wide-open eyes.

Emi Boscamp
March 28 2016

Study Says Blondes Are Actually The Smartest

They not only have more fun—they have more brains, too.

Emi Boscamp
March 24 2016

This Might Be The Natural Solution To Chronic Back Pain

It may be more effective—and last longer—than traditional physical therapy and medication for treating chronic back pain.

Emi Boscamp
March 22 2016

Meditating Before You Exercise Could Help You Fight Depression

Meditation and exercise affect the same areas of the brain in different ways. So, what happens if we combine the two?

Emi Boscamp
March 16 2016

If You're Friends With A Narcissist, You're Probably One, Too

It's sort of like: you support my hugely inflated ego, and I'll support yours.

Emi Boscamp
March 16 2016

Millennials Would Rather Exercise Than Drink, Study Says

We're over kamikaze shots and Long Island Ice Teas and sake bombs. We're grown-ups now.

Emi Boscamp
March 14 2016

How Being An Only Child Can Affect Your Health

​Your little brother or sister might have been a big pain in the butt, but you should thank him or her for making you healthier.

Emi Boscamp
March 11 2016

Being Impulsive Could Be Really Good For Your Relationship

But what if one person is uncomfortable with spontaneity?

Emi Boscamp
March 3 2016

Science Says It's Actually OK To Be A Hopeless Romantic

Some people might tell you that you're getting your hopes up too high and setting yourself up for failure—but those people are probably wrong.

Emi Boscamp
February 29 2016

New Study Says Boredom Could Be Good For Your Relationship

Your boredom could be telling you something important about your relationship.

Emi Boscamp
February 24 2016

Science Says Eating Chocolate Could Improve Your Brain Function

Every time we bite off a hunk of our favorite chocolate bar, could we be getting smarter?

Emi Boscamp
February 23 2016

Study Says Drinking Coffee Might Undo Liver Damage From Booze

No wonder we crave it so badly when we're hungover ...

Emi Boscamp
February 19 2016

Researchers Just Answered An Important Question About Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s is a debilitating disease that affects an estimated 5.3 million Americans. But beyond its widespread reach, there's not much we know for...

Emma Loewe
February 17 2016

This Type Of Exercise Is The Best For Your Brain

Physical activity isn't just for keeping our bodies in shape — it's for strengthening our minds, too. But which kind is best for us?

Emi Boscamp
February 17 2016

The Weird Way Your Kitchen Is Affecting Your Eating Habits

These days, you can pretty much "Kondo" anything. But what about your diet?

Emi Boscamp
February 16 2016

Make This Super Simple Change & Have More Sex This Weekend

In a world where we so often sit in silence next to our significant other in bed, our eyes glued to our phones, this might just be our savior — or,...

Emi Boscamp
February 11 2016

Science Just Busted This Age-Old Coffee Myth

Considering yourself a coffee addict might not be such a bad thing after all.

Emi Boscamp
January 27 2016