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Small Shifts To Heal Chronic Stress

Belting out your favorite tune could help. Seriously.

Bindiya Gandhi, M.D.
November 24 2016

7 Secrets To Feeling Radiant & Energetic Through All Your Holiday Travel

With these seven tips, you'll be equipped to get through the holiday season happy, healthy, and vibrant. (And you'll actually have the energy to enjoy...

Amber Bodily
November 20 2016

The Hidden Stressors That Are Making You Gain Weight

These four hidden stressors might be hampering your weight loss efforts, but these alternatives will help you maintain a healthy weight (and love...

November 20 2016

The Only 3 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself The Next Time You're Stressed Out

Emotions are like the waves in the sea—they come crashing upon you, overtaking you completely, and then they recede.

Milly Diericx
October 31 2016

6 Stress-Busting Activities That Every Busy Person Needs To Know About

Foam rolling & wellness expert Lo Roxburgh shares her favorite tips for living with ease, from waking up to a rebounder to afternoon meditation.

Lauren Roxburgh
October 11 2016

Move Over PSL: 5 Reasons To Sip Golden Milk Today

Get on board with an Ayurvedic "Happy Hour" by incorporating Golden Milk into your end-of-day wind-down routine.

October 4 2016

I'm An OB-GYN. Here's Why I Turned To Acupuncture When I Wanted To Get Pregnant

As an doctor and scientist, I used to dismiss acupuncture and alternative therapies — until my fertility journey.

Shannon M. Clark, M.D.
September 7 2016

I'm A Psychologist Who Struggled With Debilitating Panic Attacks. Here's How I Healed

"I tell this story because I want you to know that anybody can experience panic attacks or mental health struggles. Life happens."

Perpetua Neo, DClinPsy
September 4 2016

4 Essential Self-Care Tricks For People Who Hate To Fly

"If all else fails, bring a sticker book or an adult coloring book. Your inner child knows a thing or two."

Courtney Sunday
September 2 2016

The Stress-Busting Tool We All Have — But Forget to Use

Plus, how you can use it to navigate all the ups and downs of life.

Jamison Monroe
August 31 2016

Achieving Your Goals Only Requires This One Simple Thing

Getting what you want in life doesn't actually require a struggle at all.

Michael Taylor
August 26 2016