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Tantra: Where Modern Love Meets Ancient Love

The marriage of sex and spirituality is a natural union that has its roots in ancient cultures all over the world. From the 5000 year-old study of...

Kim Anami
September 11 2012

10 Quotes to Inspire Your Yoga Practice

I experience something different every time I step on my mat. On my "best" days I can breathe freely, twist like a pretzel, spring up into...

Bridget Riepl
April 1 2012

The 4-Hour Orgasm

Knowing that sex is a major energy source , I love to have a lot of it. I'm interested in mastery and transcendence. Applied to sex, that involves...

Kim Anami
March 16 2012

Trudie Styler on Yoga

57-year-old, Trudie Styler, has been practicing yoga for 21 years -- often alongside her husband, Sting. She talks about how she first started...

December 30 2011

Sting at 60: Reflects on Yoga & Relationships

Can you believe that rock-star and yogi , Sting, is 60?! He talks about his relationship with wife and fellow yogi, Trudie Styler, mindfulness , and...

October 2 2011

Celebrities Who Practice Yoga: Top 11 in 2011

There are a ton of celebrities who practice yoga. Why is this so? Well, in addition to the physical and spiritual benefits, I think that yoga is...

Jason Wachob
May 5 2011

Sting & Trudie Styler on Yoga, Sex & Marriage

Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, have been married for 18 years, and credit their bodies and their successful marriage to a daily yoga practice and...

January 17 2011

Sting & Sheryl Crow Support Kids Yoga in Schools

Sting and Sheryl Crow have contributed to a new CD aimed to raise funds and awareness for kids yoga programs in schools. The first CD is called Yoga...

July 19 2010