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Why I Stopped Drinking

Some days, I used to come home and want to take the edge off. The line between taking the edge off and numbing out is a fine one. And so, around...

Amber Shumake
January 30 2013

Surrendering: A Work In Progress

Five years and 8 months ago, I thought all my problems were magically going to disappear along with getting sober after 25 years of using drugs and...

Jessi Piha
January 22 2013

I Quit Drinking And Discovered Who I Am

I am an introvert. I used to be (or at least I thought I was) an extrovert during my years as a heavy binge drinker, but quitting alcohol almost two...

Lucy Rocca
January 10 2013

How I Realized That Alcohol Was Ruining My Life

I often wonder why it took me 20 years of heavy and frequent binge drinking to realize that I was poisoning my body and mind every time I downed a...

Lucy Rocca
November 26 2012

How I Quit Drinking and Rediscovered My Creativity

When I was little, I loved to bake. Whenever it was a family member’s birthday, I'd set my alarm and creep downstairs to bake a cake in secret while...

Lucy Rocca
November 4 2012