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5 Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas

Do you ever get that mid-afternoon lull where you just need a little sustenance to boost your energy and get you through your day? I definitely...

Jen Broyles
September 27 2012

How to Find the Best Time to Detox

Detox is all the craze at the moment; short ones, long ones, fasting, food based, all shapes and sizes to suit any wallet. And with good reason - our...

Caroline Cain
September 25 2012

10 Immune Boosting Autumn Recipes

You know the drill by now. It starts with an itch in the back of your throat and ends with you lying on your couch slurping soup and watching way too...

Rebecca Leffler
September 21 2012

Super Brain Smoothie

As a health educator who specializes in natural approached to brain health, I’m always trying to find new ways to incorporate brain foods into my...

September 20 2012

Green Smoothies 101

As a plant-based foods educator and holistic health coach, I work with many people who fear green smoothies. Maybe they tried a shot of wheatgrass way...

Sonnet Lauberth
September 12 2012

Green Gingersnap Smoothie

This is an amazing post-workout smoothie with carbohydrates and protein to refuel tired muscles. The spinach and molasses contain lots of...

Lisa Arends
September 7 2012

How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Sugar

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the biggest health zappers around is sugar. More and more research points out that sugar is toxic for our...

Katrine van Wyk
September 6 2012

5 Sexy Superfoods That Will Rock Your Socks, Shirts and Panties Off

Looking to have a sex life that rocks your socks, shirts and panties/boxers off? Foods that naturally improve circulation, increase visual and sensual...

Taraleigh Weathers
August 29 2012

11 Ways to Nurture Yourself

Are you feeling a little rundown, unmotivated and dull? Then it is time you took a day out of your busy schedule to nurture, pamper, love and nourish...

Claire Charters
August 29 2012

How Peter Sarsgaard Ditched Gluten, Lost Weight & Got Healthy

The actor Peter Sarsgaard demonstrates the uber healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free shake he makes every morning... and it's delicious:

Frank Lipman, M.D.
August 16 2012

How to Juice on a Budget

While I'm a huge juicing proponent, I don't deny that it can get very expensive. For this reason, many people forgo a morning juice. This is...

Marlena Torres
August 12 2012

3 Ways to Feel More Energized Without Caffeine

I know what you are thinking: she is about to tell me to get more sleep and eat my veggies. I can picture you right now, probably slumped over your...

Sonnet Lauberth
August 12 2012

10 Superfoods for More Energy

Homeostasis is another word for body balance. It is the state that your body seeks to achieve at every moment of every day. When your body is out of...

Jessica Sepel
August 10 2012

9 Must-Eat Foods for Vibrant Health

The real secret to healthy eating and creating vibrant health is to have easy access to the right types of foods in your kitchen cupboards.

Katrina Love Senn
August 9 2012

8 Must-Have Kitchen Items for Healthy Living

Last year, my husband Damien and I bought a 19th Century Victorian home about an hour from London down by the sea. We are in the process of converting...

Katrina Love Senn
July 25 2012

Blueberry Superfood Smoothie Bliss

I love making smoothies. I love berries. And I love Iceland. That’s a whole lotta love :)

Aarona Pichinson
July 24 2012

How to BEEF Up a Vegan Smoothie

Warmer weather is upon us, and eating cooler is the thing to do. Starting off the day with (or changing out heavier fare for) smoothies is a great way...

Heidi Kristoffer
July 5 2012

4 Secrets to Delicious Juices & Smoothies

Here are four secrets to make your juice or smoothie absolutely delicious and nutritious. And yes, they all start with the letter ‘S’ :)

Sarah Christie
June 30 2012

MindBodyGREEN Mountain Shake Recipe!

A friend recently raved about a $12 dollar shake called Jade Mountain that would ‘change my life.’ Obviously, I had to climb this mountain and give it...

Kathryn Budig
June 22 2012

6 Steps to Maintaining Your Inner & Outer Beauty

We all want beautiful flawless skin, thick and healthy tresses, strong nails, and pearly whites. Many of us have medicine cabinets and vanities full...

Latham Thomas
June 12 2012