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10 Ways To Add More Plant-Based Foods Into Your Diet

We all know that eating healthier should be a top priority, so when top researchers and doctors ("The China Study" by Colin T. Campbell, "Forks over...

Amanda Froelich
February 20 2013

Pomegranate Love Smoothie

Sink your straw into this luscious and creamy pink smoothie, which looks like Valentine's Day in a glass.

Maria Marlowe
February 13 2013

5 Things You Need To Know About Juicing

Like most of us, I used to run on coffee and sugar. A couple of lattes to wake me up in the morning and a chocolate bar to keep me going until lunch,...

Rina Golan Rothwell
January 28 2013

Creamy Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe

I created this tasty smoothie with the intention to utilize all the apples I typically have on hand.

Gina Gibbons
January 14 2013

If You're Vegan, How Do You Get Enough Protein?

I recently read a great quote: “People suddenly become nutritionists when they hear I’m a vegetarian.”

Heather Lounsbury
December 29 2012

Hot Turmeric Milkshake

While smoothies and juices are wonderful, as the weather gets colder, the body can really benefit from warm foods and drinks.

Rebecca Leffler
December 28 2012

5 Foods to Help Detoxify the Body

Juice cleanses have their place – they are rich in phytonutrients, give the digestive system a rest and exclude dietary toxins.

Dana James, M.S., CNS, CDN
December 12 2012

How to Get Children to Drink Green Juice

I grew up in a very health conscious family. My mother and father always ate organic and practiced good nutrition. I, however, was a major rebel. I...

Robert Piper
December 8 2012

Easy-to-Make Cinnamon Pumpkin Smoothie

A client just asked for a healthy recipe to capture the flavors of this season's comfort foods, without all the sugar and fat traditional recipes seem...

Abby Phon
November 29 2012

4 Superfoods to Cure Your Digestive Issues and Give You More Energy

When my digestive system needs a little cleansing, I make a smoothie with some of my favorite superfoods: dates, dark sweet cherries, chia seeds, and...

Danielle Keenan
November 27 2012

5 Healthy Snacks for the Holidays

If we eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch, those meals should be able to sustain us until dinnertime.

Hayley Hobson
November 27 2012

Holiday Favorite: Pumpkin Banana Spice Smoothie Recipe

If you’re looking for ways to make your Thanksgiving and holiday season healthier, start with my Pumpkin Banana Spice vegan smoothie.

Kathryn Tamblyn
November 20 2012

To Eat or Not to Eat Before Bed

I try not to eat right before sleep simply because it’s not very comfortable when my body's busy digesting my last meal. But I know it's also...

Sara Courter
November 16 2012

Super Green Smoothie to Boost Immunity

'Tis the time of year where it's common to catch a cold. But it doesn't have to be that way! You can boost your immunity, and feel vibrant instantly...

Bethanne Wanamaker
November 14 2012

Strawberry Fields Smoothie

Now you can enjoy the nostalgic tastiness of strawberry milk sans moo juice or powdered junk. Strawberries are phytonutrient factories, supplying your...

Kris Carr
November 3 2012

6 Health Benefits of Pumpkins

If you haven’t noticed, pumpkin is everywhere. It feels like just about any place I look – my favorite cooking blogs, Starbucks, and even in my health...

Rachael Roehmholdt
November 1 2012

Can a Green Smoothie Reverse Gray Hair?

A Green Smoothie is a mixture of fresh fruits and greens, blended for a nutrient-packed breakfast, lunch or snack.

Jennifer Thompson
October 25 2012

Juice vs. Smoothie: What's Your Drink?

So you're considering incorporating smoothies and/or juices into your lifestyle, and not sure which route to go...

Lisa Mitchell
October 4 2012

5 Ways to Start Your Day Right This Fall

Ah, fall. The soothing smell of pumpkin is everywhere, leaves are changing colors ... and yet you still have to wake up and go to work.

Emily Buck
October 3 2012