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5 Easy Smoothie Recipes To Heal The Body

There's nothing quite like starting your day off with a healthy fix of fruits and vegetables. The benefits of smoothies are widely recognized, from...

Shannon Kaiser
June 14 2013

The Ultimate Creamy Chocolate Smoothie

This great tasting smoothie was developed to sustain my energy throughout the morning. With nutritionally dense chia seeds and maca root, it will fuel...

Sara Ladd
June 10 2013

3 Superfoods You Should Know (But Probably Don't)

Superfoods — the word just conjures up those wonderful health foods that seem to have mystical powers. Well, if they don’t, they SHOULD!

Angelina Helene
June 4 2013

The Fastest Way To Improve Your Diet

The fastest way to turn your diet around? To go from not-so-great to almost perfect? The answer is organic leafy greens – those life-supporting,...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
June 2 2013

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipe

As a functional medicine physician, I believe that most illnesses are rooted in inflammation. The majority of inflammation comes from our diets and...

Amy Myers, M.D.
May 23 2013

Why Juicing Works: A Cardiologist Explains

Tonight my head is spinning like a centrifugal juicer after attending a lecture by Joe Cross, star of the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. The...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
May 16 2013

Easy Yet Delicious Beginner Green Smoothie Recipe

I've blogged before about why everyone should drink green smoothies and given you some tips to ease into green drinks (because let's be honest, green...

Elizabeth Rider
May 7 2013

Yes, It's OK To Eat Before Yoga! 5 Foods To Enjoy

Many of my yoga students come straight after work to my afternoon classes and haven’t eaten since lunch. I hear things like: I'm just not 100% there...

Alexa Nehter
April 19 2013

Is Your Green Smoothie ACTUALLY Healthy And Balanced?

Green smoothies are all the hype these days, but there's much confusion about how to get the most out of that daily dose of feel-good medicine.

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
April 12 2013

5 Exotic Smoothie Recipes From Around The Globe

Bored with the S.O.S. (same old smoothies)? When you drink smoothies like it's your job, you need to mix it up! Shake up your breakfast routine and...

Jackie Knechtel
April 11 2013

The 'Everything In Your Refrigerator' Smoothie Recipe

The name says it all! I try to make this smoothie once a day, and trust me when I say it feels like a meal. Not only is it filling, it's chock full...

Becky Ward
April 10 2013

3 Simple Ways To Incorporate More Raw Foods In Your Diet

I have tried, and failed miserably, multiple times in my quest to become a raw vegan. I so deeply admire the glowing, vibrant, and energetic people...

Allison Micco
March 19 2013

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Daily Antioxidant Intake

Looking for some simple ways to improve your wellbeing and feel more energized? Increasing your antioxidant intake could help.

Rhona Pearce
March 14 2013

Kick Off A Detox With Mind-Body Mondays

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the web of cleanse and detox information flooding your inboxes and minds daily?

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D.
March 11 2013

Green Citrus Smoothie Recipe

One of my best college girlfriends, Caroline Shea, recently visited me and whipped up this amazing smoothie. It’s technically a smoothie since it’s...

Kathryn Budig
March 7 2013

3 Reasons You Can't Stick To Your Diet (And How To Avoid Them)

Your best intentions want you to eat kale and brown rice for dinner, but somehow, as you're on your way home, your car parks right in front of the...

Danea Horn
March 5 2013

17 Diet Changes That Helped Me Eat For Clarity And A Healthy Waistline

Today I choose what I eat based on nourishment and energy, not based on wanting to “be skinny” or to “look good for one special weekend trip.” Health...

5 Alternatives To Traditional Comfort Food That Won't Mess With Your Digestion

A popular basic cable channel is showcasing “comfort foods” this weekend: recipes and shows glorifying dishes such as macaroni and cheese, fried pork...

Tamar Henry
March 1 2013

Supercharged Matcha Smoothie!

This smoothie gives a nice buzz without the jitters or lows you get a few hours after coffee. The coconut oil and avocado will give your blood sugar...

Tiffany Cruikshank
February 22 2013

13 Easy Ways To Get Your Best Body

The time for making official New Year's resolutions may have passed, but it's never too late to reshape and revitalize your lifestyle. Below are 13 of...

Jessica Sepel
February 20 2013