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6 Great Ways To Get Vitamin C (Without Supplements!)

All of your vitamins are important — vital, even. Salespeople will use this fact to try to sell you supplements every day, and their vitamin is always...

Stacy Harrison
July 25 2013

15 Foods A Nutritionist Refuses To Eat

Eating in the modern world can be difficult, what with all the genetically modified, chemically treated, and inhumanely raised food floating around...

Jessica Sepel
July 24 2013

Move Over, Pasta! 5 Foods Athletes Should Eat

It’s summer, and that means race season for many endurance athletes. No matter what athletic endeavor you pursue, how you train is important. But what...

Caroline Stahlschmidt
July 23 2013

7 Tips To Save Your Produce From The Summer Heat

It’s the middle of summer already? How did that happen? It seems like just yesterday you were dreaming of watermelon and beachside family memories...

Rebecca Leffler
July 18 2013

8 Superfoods You Can Mix Into Any Dish

You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to have some fun in the kitchen. Making simple foods into a “concoction” is fun and easy! The bonuses include rich...

Andy Jacobs
July 15 2013

12 Foods To Fight Inflammation

Although acute inflammation is important and vital for our healing process, chronic inflammation might lead to a number of illnesses. According to the...

Osha Key
July 12 2013

10 Unexpected Places Gluten Lurks

Whether you're a gluten-free God or Goddess, or are new to the scene, it can be a tough and confusing world out there. I personally have been fooled a...

Amy Myers, M.D.
July 11 2013

10-Minute Invigorating Yoga Sequence

This invigorating yet grounding 10-minute sequence is a great way to get yourself going while remaining rooted and steady. For a more energizing flow,...

Jennifer Jarrett
July 9 2013

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga On The Long Island Sound (Gorgeous Slideshow)

My shoot with Danielle Brown was scheduled for 5am on a beach in Connecticut.

Robert Sturman
July 9 2013

8 Best Anti-Aging Foods

Let's face it: no one wants to age. Unfortunately, it's inevitable. But at what rate are you aging?

Hayley Hobson
July 5 2013

The 5 Healthiest Summer Fruits & Vegetables

Summer is the wonderful season when it’s easy to stroll down to the farmer’s market on a weekend morning to find beautiful, locally grown fruits and...

6 Foods To Help You Focus

Let’s say you turn on the computer to do three things and find yourself an hour later, having accomplished none of those. Instead, what you've done...

10 Things That Will Make You Feel Better Right Away

Are you looking to improve your quality of life? Do you often wish you felt happier or healthier? Do you sometimes wish that someone would just tell...

Daniel Scott
June 21 2013

The 7 Best Foods To Boost Your Memory

Everyone wants a sharper memory, and as you get older it's especially important to pay attention to the foods you eat in order to preserve your...

Lisa Guy, N.D.
June 20 2013

5 Foods To Protect Against Sun Damage

What you eat determines how firm, radiant and ageless your skin is. It influences the body's ability to make collagen and elastin, dictates how...

5 Foods To Help Protect Against Sun Damage

What you eat determines how firm, radiant and ageless your skin is. It influences the body's ability to make collagen and elastin, dictates how...

Yoga In London (Gorgeous Slideshow)

Sometimes I feel I am nothing more than a servant in this picture-making obsession that is my life. There are moments when it just seems that...

Robert Sturman
June 18 2013

10 Raw Food Staples To Keep You Healthy On A Budget

A lot of people say that a raw vegan diet is too expensive or too complicated. Well, it might look like that to a beginner, but once you get a little...

Osha Key
June 17 2013

6 Ancient Superfoods For Modern Health

Our modern lifestyle has given us spectacular technological advancements and conveniences that would have bewildered those living even just 100 years...

The 5 Best Natural Substitutes For Sugar

Sugar is best kept to a minimum in your diet in order to decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and to help you lose weight or prevent weight...