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5 "Bad" Foods That Are Actually Great For You

Feeding yourself broken foods and thoughts and thinking they'll make you whole is like smashing a vase, and expecting to put it back together again...

Jamie Greenwood
September 24 2013

10 Healing Herbs You Can Grow At Home

Herbs are among the best and easiest things you can grow at home. You don’t need a large space, and by having herbs on tap, you’ll be able to pick...

Jess Ainscough
September 19 2013

Yoga In The Streets Of New York City (Stunning Slideshow)

I love New York and I love yoga. When they get together in the streets, I'm in heaven.

Robert Sturman
September 19 2013

29 Empowering Poses For National Yoga Month (Gorgeous Slideshow)

We at MindBodyGreen love the positive effects a yoga practice can have on the body and mind. Since September is National Yoga Month, we decided to...

Partner Post
September 17 2013

I Am A Yogi (Gorgeous Slideshow)

I want to capture yoga, and those who practice it, in all its forms. That's why I'm announcing the "I Am A Yogi" Instagram celebration.

Robert Sturman
September 10 2013

6 Healing Spices That Should Be In Every Kitchen

With the increasing popularity of healing spices such as cinnamon and turmeric, some less common ones have taken a backseat. It’s very unfortunate, as...

Angelina Helene
September 7 2013

9 Beautifying Foods For Fashion Week & Beyond!

Fashion Week is kicking off in NYC and across the globe. As the runways gear up for ready-to-wear collections, off the runway the world anxiously...

Rebecca Leffler
September 6 2013

DIY: 5 Natural Ways To Make Your Own Facial Cleanser

As a woman who struggled with acne for more than a decade, I understand how frustrating it can be to spend thousands of dollars on doctor visits and...

Richele Henry
September 3 2013

Guys Love Yoga, Too! (Gorgeous Slideshow)

This slideshow is in celebration of men who practice yoga. It is no secret that I don't have the opportunity to work with as many men as I do women,...

Robert Sturman
August 29 2013

5 Foods You Should Eat For Great Health (And How To Enjoy Them!)

You've probably read dozens of posts telling you which foods you should be eating, but I'm actually going to tell you some delicious ways you can...

Danielle Prestejohn
August 22 2013

My 8 Favorite Types Of Gluten-Free Food

I have several clients with conditions such as celiac disease or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and their doctors have made it very clear that they are NOT...

Roland Denzel
August 21 2013

5 Foods A Nutritionist Eats Every Day

As a nutrition specialist, I'm often asked what kinds of foods I eat myself. These are some of the foods that I enjoy and eat on a regular, almost...

Gina Gibbons
August 20 2013

Yoga In Kosovo (Gorgeous Slideshow)

As one of only two native yoga instructors at Yoga in Kosovo, one of my passions is promoting my country positively abroad. I hope to shed light on...

Annea Hapciu
August 19 2013

10 Foods That A Nutritionist Always Has In Her Freezer

People often think that eating healthy takes way too much planning and preparation. Either they hate grocery shopping every week or don’t feel as...

Kristy Rao
August 14 2013

A Simple Sequence To Help You Move Through Life With Ease

There are lots of reasons we work out – to feel good, to look good, to be healthy — but as a health and fitness coach, I’ve learned we all have one...

Jenni Hulburt
August 13 2013

5 Best Floral Scents For The End Of Summer

Last year I traveled to the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, which is a must-see destination for any R&R connoisseur. My favorite activity during my short...

Summer Rayne Oakes
August 12 2013

7 Food Ingredients That Are Destroying Your Mood

Food not only affects your waistline, but it can also affect how you think, act and feel emotionally. Many foods or food additives we consume can...

Lindsey Smith
August 9 2013

A Backbend Sequence For Anyone Who Sits All Day

Many of us spend the majority of our days sitting at a desk, hunched over a computer, rounding our spines, closing off our chests and hearts and...

Jennifer Jarrett
August 6 2013

6 Healing Staples That Belong In Every Kitchen

Most people don't think to look in their cupboards for common ailments. I also talk with patients who don't have time to pick up recommended...

Katie Corazzo, N.D.
August 5 2013

10-Day Workout Challenge: Never Be Bored With Your Workout Again

Here are 10 different types of workouts you can do in 10 days. When you challenge your body in 10 different ways, you can keep your routine fresh and...

Jason Williams
August 4 2013