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5 Awesome Exercises For A 30-Minute Fat-Burning Workout

An exercise that tones, tightens and burns calories in only 30 minutes.

Dawna Stone
January 13 2014

10 Tips To Take Great Yoga Pics On Instagram

Grab a friend, a tripod, or self-timer and get snap happy.

Caitlin Turner
January 9 2014

16 Yoga Poses For A Happy Holiday Season

Whether you're a yoga teacher looking to bring a bit of Christmas sparkle to your classes, a parent who wants a fun way to keep the kids active over...

Nicola Jane Hobbs, MSc
December 20 2013

A Simple Sequence That Will Help Your Back

Holiday travel is right around the corner, and we all know that sitting in planes, trains and automobiles often causes stress in our bodies. If you're...

Julie Wilcox, MS
December 19 2013

5 Foods To Boost Your Fertility

While nutrition can't solve every case of infertility, it can solve some.

Margaret Wertheim, R.D.
December 19 2013

13 Ways To Keep Your Cortisol In Check

Don't let the holiday season be a source of disease-inducing stress responses. Give yourself the gift of internal stillness instead.

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
December 16 2013

6 Superfoods To Promote Beauty, Inside & Out

The idea that natural might be better also has many people raiding their pantries looking for solutions to their skin...

Mary Dellene
December 11 2013

12 Foods For A Winter Detox

They're delicious, seasonal, nutritious heavyweights that promote detoxification.

Dr. Erin Martin
December 10 2013

Who Says You Can't Practice Yoga Pregnant?! (Amazing Slideshow)

The subject of this shoot, Amy Pastore, wrote the following about her participation in this project:

Robert Sturman
December 6 2013

7 Yoga Poses To Balance Your Chakras

Say goodbye to all that negative prana and hello to balance.

Sarah Walsh
December 5 2013

5 Yoga Poses To Help You Live With Ease & Grace

Have you ever met those enigmatic human beings who seem to exude a calm, alert presence? They seem to live with ease and grace in word and movement....

Dani Marie Robinson
November 25 2013

10 Toxic Products No One Needs

This stuff just so happens to be where a lot of toxic chemicals lurk.

Healthy Child Healthy World
November 22 2013

Yoga In Florence & Rome (Wow!)

Italy! It's one of the most artistically inspired lands I've ever visited. I can only imagine that if Michelangelo had been with the yogis, the...

Robert Sturman
November 18 2013

5 Fermented Foods Everyone Should Eat

The best way to boost your gut bacteria is to consume nutrient- and probiotic-rich fermented foods.

Meghan Telpner
November 18 2013

5 Healing Foods That Changed My Life

What helped me get on the road to health was an elimination of wheat, adding healthy fats, and more protein.

Shiva Rose
November 16 2013

7 Immune Boosters You've Probably Overlooked

Want to avoid getting sick this winter? Cold and flu prevention doesn’t stop at eating healthy and washing your hands. Take it to the next level with...

Meghan Telpner
November 10 2013