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Best Looks From Athleta's Runway Show At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week kicked off with a bang this week, as models from the fitness wear brand Athleta literally jumped, ran and flew down the runway....

September 4 2014

30 Amazing Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were At Burning Man 2014

I've gone to Burning Man every year for the past four years. I'm a creative, curious person at heart, so while I wasn't exactly sure what the...

Jessica Yurasek
September 3 2014

Yoga In Whistler

Missed this year's Wanderlust Festival in Whistler, Canada? Don't worry! mindbodygreen and Kashi teamed up to provide you with an inside look into yet...

August 7 2014

A Yoga Slideshow In Bermuda (No Triangle Pose Here!)

Bermuda, a 21-square-mile island in the middle of the Atlantic, renowned as a top cruise destination and a harbor of mysteries, is also a thriving...

Lauren Rudick
August 1 2014

6 Tips To Take Great Photos Of People You Love

In the age of Instagram, I’ve noticed that many people believe a good picture comes from using the right filter. Or having a fancy camera.

Uma Sanghvi
July 27 2014

Yoga In Lake Tahoe (Gorgeous Photos From Wanderlust Festival)

This year's Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley, California featured an incredible lineup of music, yoga, meditation, and good vibes. Feeling bummed...

July 25 2014

How Lunches Are Made In French Elementary Schools

In French elementary schools, lunch is prepared onsite and with fresh ingredients. Here are photos that depict what a "homemade" meal for lunch can...

Rebeca Plantier
July 23 2014

Why World Population Growth Endangers Everyone (Infographics)

If fertility rates were to remain constant, world population could soar to 27 billion. Here’s why that’s vitally important to all of us.

Population Institute
July 12 2014

10 Foods To Stay Energized & Slim Down Naturally

Eating healing foods will give your body the essential macro and micro nutrients it needs to function optimally. When this happens, you'll be able to...

Katrina Love Senn
July 1 2014

Athleta Summer Solstice Party In Miami Beach

300 yogis gathered at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach to celebrate the summer solstice.

June 30 2014

Yoga With Friends (Adorable Photos)

Life with friends sweetens, soothes and sillies the soul. Here's a few of my favorite poses with friends.

Robert Sturman
June 25 2014

A Simple Morning Sequence To Open Your Heart

No matter how much joy we try to find in our lives, no matter how present we are in as many moments as possible, sometimes it’s just, well, hard to...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
June 24 2014

The 10 Healthiest Superfoods (Sorry, Kale!)

You've heard about superfoods, but ever wonder which are the healthiest superfoods? Jennifer Di Noia of William Paterson University decided to find...

June 10 2014

Yoga In The Heart Of New York City (Incredible Photos)

New York City has increasingly become one of the most inspiring cities in the world for me to work in. The energy and architecture of the city serve...

Robert Sturman
May 23 2014

SUP & Yoga In Brazil (Gorgeous Photos)

Ahhh winter in Brazil ... the perfect time for some SUP yoga! I got together with a few other girls from Yoga Body Rio and an amazing Brazilian...

Marisa Paska
May 21 2014

Get Inspired By This Sweet Street Art!

What started out as a fun after-school project with my son has evolved itself into something so much more. Chalk Project is about spreading messages...

Deneen Renae
May 19 2014

7 Simple Yoga Poses To Keep Your Body Happy On Airplane Rides

Traveling via air goes something like this: you're miles high above the earth, stuffed in economically cramped quarters for the next few hours, with...

Sara Quiriconi
April 30 2014

MBG + SmartyPants Event Photos: A Discussion On Simplifying Health

On Thursday, MindBodyGreen was proud to host a multitude of wellness warriors at its new Brooklyn, New York headquarters! Guests sipped juice, chatted...

April 29 2014

5 Foods I ALWAYS Have On Hand To Keep My Snacking Healthy

How often have you walked into your apartment dying of hunger only to find that a half jar of peanut butter, mustard and ketchup are the only edible...

Wade Brill
April 22 2014

A Simple Resistance Band Workout You Can Do In Any Park

I love using resistance bands with my clients and groups when we train outdoors. They’re inexpensive, lightweight and perfect for an efficient, quick...

Laura McDonald
April 21 2014