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5 Ways Your Job May Be Hurting Your Health

For 12 years I worked at a job I hated. I started this job at 19 years old, and loved it because it paid well. As my wife and I started having...

Kimanzi Constable
September 3 2014

A Mini-Guide To Choosing The Best Nontoxic Mattress

Cleaning up your sleep environment can have an impact on your health.

Frank Lipman, M.D.
September 2 2014

7 Reasons You Need A Nap (Or At Least Some Downtime)

A recent survey revealed what many of us feel: millions of Americans feel guilty about taking downtime and check email or work on weekends and...

Adelma Lilliston
August 27 2014

Have Trouble Waking Up? You May Be Sleep Drunk

When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you babble incoherently, stumble across your room, or drool uncontrollably? You may suffer from sleep...

August 26 2014

10 Feng Shui Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Do you sleep enough? According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep on average, yet lots of us feel it’s a...

Dana Claudat
August 14 2014

12 Reasons To Go Plant-Based

Everyone has his or her own reasons for going plant-based. Whether it's because of doctor’s orders, an eye-opening documentary, or a pushy friend,...

Talia Pollock
August 14 2014

10 Tips To Make Your Bedroom A Tranquil Sanctuary

Is your bedroom your happy place? If the answer is no, let's work on making that happen. Why? Sleep is absolutely vital for optimal health. Your...

Claudia Petrilli
August 12 2014

Not A Morning Person? You Will Be As You Get Older!

In a new study published last month, Canadian researchers have found strong evidence that older adults should perform their most demanding tasks in...

August 8 2014

Why People Don't Lose Weight: 5 Common Mistakes

Despite years of careful dieting, meal planning and countless hours spent shopping for "all natural" or "fat-free" foods, many still struggle with...

JJ Virgin, CNS
August 7 2014

12 Tips To Sleep Soundly Every Night

Sleep issues can be devastating to overall health and well-being, as anyone who's suffered a night of tossing and turning knows. While it's...

How To Naturally Enhance Your Beauty: A Dermatologist Explains

As a board certified dermatologist and psychiatrist, I see countless patients in my New York City practice asking how they can be more beautiful....

Dr. Amy Wechsler
July 24 2014

5 Tips To Sleep If You Feel Tired All The Time

Sleep is probably one of the most important aspects of your health. It can affect your immune system, metabolism, memory, learning, motor skills,...

Aicacia Young
July 22 2014

In A Relationship? 7 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips You Need To Know

Committed? Hooray! Perhaps you’re still high from your honeymoon escapades or you've recently pledged your love and decided to move in together....

Jayme Barrett
July 11 2014

Does The Full Moon Make You Restless? Science Says You're Not Alone

With the next full moon approaching on Saturday, July 12, a team of international researchers based in Gothenburg, Sweden, have concluded that people...

July 10 2014

L.A.'s First (Organic) Marijuana Farmers Market Draws Large Crowds

It looks like any other American farmer's market. Buyers sniff the wares, test weights and compare, while vendors tout their product. But the only...

July 10 2014

5 Ways To Deal With Unexpected Change

What is changing in your life right now? Is it a sudden change having to do with a happy milestone? Or was there a call in the middle of the night, an...

Alena Gerst, LCSW
July 7 2014

This Is Your Body On Meditation (Infographic)

We at MindBodyGreen are all in on the benefits of meditation, which are too numerous to list in a short post. What's more, these benefits extend...

July 6 2014

15 Self-Care Tips For Anyone Who Works Too Much

Self-care is important into today's go-go-go, work-as-much-as-you-can, work-as-hard-as-you-can world. Thanks to technology and smartphones, we're...

Nicole Liloia, LCSW
July 3 2014