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How To Sleep Like A Baby, Every Night

In this video, Dr. Joel Kahn, a renowned cardiologist, explains his favorite tip for getting better shut-eye and waking up feeling truly rested.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
April 25 2016

5 Ways To Make Your Hotel Stay As Healthy As Home

People who travel a lot often wish they had more routine in their lives. Joe Cross, founder of Reboot With Joe, shares his secrets to maintaining a...

Joe Cross
April 22 2016

The Better Sleep Remedy You Can Drink Tonight

As a clinical herbalist, I find insomnia to be incredibly responsive to herbs. But it's also important to address the underlying cause. Here are both...

Maria Noël Groves
April 20 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Arianna Huffington, Author of The Sleep Revolution

Arianna Huffington’s 12 Secrets To Your Best Sleep, Ever

Arianna Huffington's secret to success? A good night's sleep. Learn her 12 tips for your best rest ever.

April 6 2016

10 Natural Ways To Wake Up Even Prettier

Are you getting enough beauty sleep?

Kristy Rao
March 25 2016

9 Nutrients You Need For Great Sleep + How To Get More Of 'Em

There are many factors that can influence a great night's sleep—but one of the most important is eating right. Here's what research shows about the...

Shawn Stevenson
March 15 2016

9 Easy Ways To Wind Down After A Crazy-Busy Day

As a health coach, I know that setting a relaxing tone for the evening is essential for stress management, a mindful lifestyle, and great sleep....

Amy Kurtz
February 26 2016

How To Tell If You're REALLY Getting Good Sleep + 8 Ways To Improve It

Lack of sleep is one of the most significant health problems we face today. Yet very few people recognize this problem in themselves or know how to...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
February 26 2016

11 Sneaky Things That Are Messing With Your Sleep

Sometimes we know exactly why we can’t sleep — a looming work deadline or a late night out with friends — but sometimes it’s not so obvious what’s...

February 25 2016

11 Science-Backed Tips For Your Best Sleep Ever (According To The Latest Studies)

It seems like every week that there’s coverage of some new study looking at the problems associated with getting too little sleep or finding clever...

Marygrace Taylor
December 13 2015

The #1 Thing Derailing Your Weight Loss: A Doctor Explains

Even if you’re eating a healthy diet, there's one major factor that could derail your best efforts to become lean and healthy: not getting sufficient...

Mark Hyman, M.D.
December 12 2015

5 Doable Ways To Turn Life's Curveballs Into Opportunities

When our alarms go off in the morning, we’re usually not jumping for joy at how refreshed we feel. We press snooze.

December 9 2015

Why You're Probably Doing Sleep All Wrong: A Doctor Explains

In this Internet era, you can outsource almost every activity to the web — whether it's banking, grocery shopping, or even doctor visits via...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
December 1 2015

The Truth About Sleeping Pills: A Doctor Explains

If you often struggle to get some shut-eye, you're not alone — many Americans suffer from insomnia on a regular basis.

Dr. David A. Greuner
November 16 2015

7 Strategies To Get Great, Uninterrupted Sleep Every Night (That Don't Involve Taking A Pill)

I'm a fitness and nutrition consultant who helps people learn how to live a healthier life. Many of my clients struggle with getting enough sleep, and...

Jini Cicero
November 10 2015

Stop Seasonal Affective Disorder Before It Starts With These 4 Holistic Remedies

As days grow shorter and colder, sunlight and balmy weather (the natural antidepressants at least partially responsible for our carefree attitudes in...

Dr. Allana Polo
October 21 2015

What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Picture yourself in bed, about to drift off to sleep. What position are you in? What about your partner?

Allie White
October 16 2015

7 Super Easy Ways I Improved My Sleep (Without Drugs Or Pills)

Lying in the dark, eyes closed, I replay the events of the day. I can’t get past it. The stress mounds. I replay it again. My mind spins with...

Tammi Hoerner
October 15 2015

7 Immediate Benefits Of A Good Night's Sleep

Work hard, play hard. Right? That seems to be the motto these days — but it’s one you may want to rethink. Somewhere in between the working and the...

October 14 2015