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5 Positive Ways to Start Your Day

We go to sleep each night and wake up in the morning to a new day with new opportunities - a day filled with the power and freedom to choose. The...

Belinda Anderson
September 13 2012

6 Habits to Ensure a Great Night's Sleep

Making your snooze time more healthy is a plight that many of us struggle with at one time or another. No matter how insignificant you feel your sleep...

Amber Scriven, M.S., LAc
September 12 2012

8 Benefits of Sleeping with a Water Pillow

I remember a platonic friend of mine in university owning a waterbed. He was like the guy with a brand new bike but in this case it was a bed! Decked...

Heather Morton
September 11 2012

6 Ways to Find Your Inner Calm

I used to spend countless hours, days and nights worrying. Insomnia was my companion for many, many years with various dialogues that sounded like, “I...

Andrea Lewis
September 8 2012

10 Tips to Reduce Stress From Chinese Medicine

Stress causes severe muscle pains, shrinks the size of our brains, and even causes heart disease. Traditional Chinese Medicine works as a great...

Robert Piper
September 2 2012

3 Restorative Yoga Poses for Restful Sleep

Art of Attention is intended for yogis everywhere, a nomadic workbook from our friends Elena Brower and Erica Jago to open on your mat, providing yoga...

Jason Wachob
August 29 2012

3 Deliciously Restorative Poses To Eliminate Stress

Restorative yoga can dramatically improve the quality of your life. This deeply relaxing practice is great for everyone, especially if you’re a person...

Gigi Yogini
August 22 2012

6 Ways Music Can Heal You

I love music enough to incorporate sound healing into my practice, and I see the joy it brings people every day. But, here are some things you may not...

Louise Jensen
August 11 2012

5 Signs You Need a Break + 5 Things to Do About It

Work. Friends. Projects. Errands. Family. Health. Repeat. Life has put a lot on our plates, and it seems to be adding more. It is easy to get caught...

Lauren Imparato
August 6 2012

Never Underestimate the Importance of Sleep!

The first thing I ask my friends, family and clients is, “how many hours of sleep do you get at night?”

Jessica Sepel
August 6 2012

My Daily Philosophy: Yoga, Sex, and a Nap

I have a very simple philosophy: I believe there are three things you’ll never regret doing. In a perfect world, each day would include all three:...

Carrie Herzner
August 5 2012

The Sleep Experiment: Discover Your Perfect Night's Sleep

Do you consider yourself to be a night owl or an early bird? Current research shows that a preference for being an early riser or a late sleeper is...

Karen Morse
July 6 2012

Yoga: An Ideal and Balanced Life

It’s about acknowledging what your heart and gut are compelled to do, following this bliss and surrounding yourself by those who only wish to reflect...

Dani Marie Robinson
July 1 2012

12 Ways to Engage & Optimize Your Creative Mind

I just finished reading Johan Lehrer’s book Imagine. Working on the theory that we need both our left and right-brain hemispheres to produce the best...

Julie Wilcox
June 26 2012

Why I Love My Imperfections

Last week I had this dream I was perfect. I was tall and leggy. I had sweet, brown-colored skin and light eyes.

Jennifer Pastiloff
June 14 2012

10 Sleep Tips From Chinese Medicine

Lack of sleep leads to a whole host of possible health problems - such as heart disease, obesity, depression, and ulcers. It also reduces how...

Robert Piper
May 21 2012

6 Tips for Getting the Best Sleep

I am sure you have all heard about the importance of sleep. But, did you know that poor sleep not only lessens your productivity for the following day...

Melissa Ambrosini
May 17 2012

8 Tips to Reduce Food Cravings

I used to experience major cravings. For many years it seemed I only wanted to eat greasy, fried, cheesy, or sweet foods. Of course I knew I wasn’t...

Erica Trestyn
May 15 2012

5 Ayurvedic Morning Rituals to Spice Up Your Day

Starting the day right can have an amazing affect on your general state of well-being. The science of Ayurveda is a never-ending journey into ancient...

Amy Landry
May 3 2012