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5 Foods To Avoid If You Want Glowing Skin + What To Eat Instead

Food for thought: These easy diet swaps could transform your skin.

Kimberly Snyder
June 10 2016

The Single-Ingredient Skin Care Line You Need to Try

A single-ingredient skin care line created by three Harvard Business School grads? Sounds smart.

Victoria Lewis
June 8 2016

What I Tell My Patients Who Want Healthy, Glowing Skin

Eating fresh, wholesome foods will not only help you get the radiant skin you’re after this summer, but it will also provide many other health...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
June 8 2016

These Are The 4 Things To Avoid In Your Sunscreen, According To The EWG

We broke down the EWG's latest sunscreen report. Here's what to look out for this summer season.

Emma Loewe
May 24 2016

Promote Emotional Wellness With Makeup Shades That Stimulate Your Chakras

There's one color you should be wearing come date night.

Amy Leigh Mercree
May 23 2016

Watermelon Seed + 4 Other Facial Oils You Didn't Know You Needed

There's watermelon seed oil, for starters.

Anit Hora
May 21 2016

Should You Be Eating Your Sunscreen? The Scoop On Ingestible Sun Protection

Forget sprays and lotions—should you be popping a sunscreen pill?

Find The Perfect Natural Face Cleanser For Your Skin

So many options....finally, a way to choose.

Lola Gusman
May 13 2016

How To Build A Smoothie For Glowing Skin & Optimal Digestion

A smoothie formula to promote good digestion, sustained energy, and that feel-good glow.

May 12 2016

How A Wellness Maven (And Mama) Keeps Her Skin Glowing

"My beauty routine is one that I would recommend to all women."

Latham Thomas
May 10 2016

How To Balance Your Chakras With Ritual Bathing

Your holistic regimen is about to reach new heights.

Debra Haugen
May 6 2016

The One Thing Your Beauty Routine Is Missing

Turn back the clock without spending a dime.

Anna Mitsios, N.D.
May 5 2016