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The Truth About Pore Strips: An Integrative Derm Explains

We know, we know. Here's what to use instead.

Lindsay Kellner
November 27 2018

I Tried The Microdermabrasion Alternative Beauty Influencers Are Raving About

They say dermalinfusion is like microderm 2.0. Here's the scoop.

Lindsay Kellner
November 26 2018

mbg Gift Guide: 9 Experiences That'll Keep On Giving

Start a new Black Friday tradition and buy experiences instead.

Emma Loewe
November 23 2018

The Lymph-Stimulating Products You'll Want To Try

Lymph-stimulating products will be all the rage.

Lindsay Kellner
November 23 2018

I Tried The Facial Treatment With A Three-Year Waiting List & It Blew My Mind

So this is why people will wait three years for a treatment with Annee de Mamiel.

Lindsay Kellner
November 21 2018

The 10-Minute Clean Beauty Routine This Peloton Instructor Swears By

A real-life shift away from conventional brands that looks and feels *amazing.*

Lindsay Kellner
November 20 2018

Here’s Every Product In Weleda’s New Skin Food Line (And Our Editors’ First Impressions)

Farm-to-face labels are tossed around plenty in the beauty world, but this Swiss brand is legitimate.

Krista Soriano
November 19 2018

This Is The Only Beauty Product That Helped My Dry, Peeling Winter Skin

How I finally tamed my dry winter skin using hyaluronic acid. 

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 18 2018

Try This Simple Gratitude Practice Whenever You Start Something New

Start the new year by grounding yourself in this self-care ritual.

November 18 2018

Why Chronic Inflammation Is On The Rise In Children

Why chronic inflammation is one the rise in children—and exactly what to do if your kid has eczema, allergies, or asthma.

Gabriella Safdieh, M.D.
November 13 2018

This Skin-Clearing Gadget Might Help Your Hair Grow Faster, Too

Here's the scoop on red light therapy's benefits, side effects, and how to try it out yourself.

Stephanie Eckelkamp
November 6 2018