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The Key To Sexual Intimacy That Most People Overlook

When we are already sexually confident, already fulfilled, and already joyful, it becomes easy to find someone to roll with.

Biet Simkin
June 23 2016

Sharing Chores Is Good For Your Sex Life, Science Says

"Where difference was once the basis of desire, equality is increasingly becoming erotic.”

Emma Loewe
June 21 2016

7 Ways Partnered Meditation Will Improve Your Relationship

You'll start to see—and hear—your S.O. in a totally new light.

Light Watkins
June 18 2016

Are You Dating A Sex Addict? Here's How To Tell

I want to clarify this, once and for all: Sexual addiction has nothing whatsoever to do with who or what it is that turns you on. So being gay or into...

Rob Weiss
June 15 2016

Do You Just Love Sex Or Are You Actually A Sex Addict?

Here's what the cycle of sex addiction actually looks like.

Rob Weiss
June 9 2016

The Tantric Technique Designed To Give You Multiple Orgasms

Yes, even if you've never had multiple orgasms before—even if you've never had ANY orgasms before.

Psalm Isadora
June 3 2016

How To Reach Orgasm Just From Tantric Nipple Play

The secret is edging—playing on the edge of pleasure and teasing until the body responds by begging for more.

Psalm Isadora
May 28 2016

The Simple Switch That'll Make Your Sex Life Even Better

If you've been having sex without this, you're definitely missing out.

Meika Hollender
May 27 2016

A Yoga Flow To Awaken Your Sexual Potential

Pelvic-floor muscles play a huge role in sexual satisfaction and orgasm potential. If they are too tight, sex can be painful; if they are weak, the...

Karly Treacy
May 27 2016

How To Improve Your Sex Drive Using Only Your Breath

Unleash your full sexual potential by tapping into your spiritual side.

Yogi Cameron
May 13 2016

Meet The Woman Who Will Change The Way You Think About Sexual Health

Women have taken control in the classroom and the boardroom, but what about in the bedroom?

Colleen Wachob
May 13 2016

Why Masturbation Is Every Woman's Secret Self-Care Weapon

Masturbation helps to remind women who we belong to—no one but ourselves.

Jenny Block
May 10 2016

How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life, Every Time

The confidence to take over the world and pursue my real vision rather than finding oblivion through short-lived distractions and infatuations—that’s...

Biet Simkin
May 6 2016

There's No Such Thing As Sexual Boredom. Here's What You're Actually Dealing With

What makes sex not boring is the quality of presence people bring to it. Eroticism is in the “being,” not the “doing,” of sex.

How To Make Sex A Meditative Practice

Rich Roll and Julie Piatt explain how to make sex a "moving meditation"

Rich Roll
April 29 2016

8 Ways To Start Exploring Tantric Sex (Or Take Your Practice To A Deeper Level)

"Tantra is not about the sacredness of sex, but about the sacredness of everything, including sex." -Rashmi Tantra

Raine Leigh
April 21 2016