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6 Science-Backed Ways To Become More Attractive

Sexiness is basically the combined effect of characteristics the opposite sex is innately programmed to see as “markers” or "signals" for good genetic...

Sajan Devshi
August 4 2016

The ONE Mental Shift You Need For Mind-Blowing Sex

"But there is one thing holding you back from experiencing that mind-blowing sex you deeply crave—and that is fear. More specifically, it's your inner...

Melissa Ambrosini
August 4 2016

Kegels Aren't Enough: Here's What You SHOULD Be Doing For Your Vagina

Could you have hyperactive pelvic floor muscles? Here's how to find out and how to fix the problem.

Brianne Grogan, DPT
August 3 2016

What You Really Need To Know About Men & Sex

"Among women, emotions and interconnectivity are seen as valued parts of the sexual act. Among men, feelings and connections are viewed as potential...

Rob Weiss
August 1 2016

The Tantric Practice Of Sacred Masturbation + How To Have An Orgasm Anytime, Anywhere

Cultivating a healthy masturbation practice will help you have more energy, connect your sexuality to mindfulness, understand your own body so you can...

Psalm Isadora
July 28 2016

Philophobia & 13 Other Love Phobias You Never Knew Existed

"People with metrophobia don't enjoy having their lovers whisper sweet nothings in their ears. On the bright side, you'll be disappointed that your...

Sylvia Smith
July 26 2016

Tantric Secrets To Mind-Blowingly Sensual Sex

"Trace the chocolate square with the tip of your tongue, licking it ever-so-gently. Appreciate the creamy, silky, smooth, sensual texture of the...

Psalm Isadora
July 25 2016

Yes, You Can Have 6 Kinds Of Orgasms: Here's How To Experience Each One

Yep, there are SIX kinds of orgasms. And you can learn how to experience each and every one, right here.

Psalm Isadora
July 24 2016

Morning Rituals That'll Breathe New Life Into Your Relationship

​We all know the importance of having a morning routine. But what about harnessing the power of morning ritual for your relationship?

Jodie Milton
July 18 2016

How Sex Helped Me Recover From My Eating Disorder

"The practice of tantra connected me to my heart and taught me how to move into my desires."

Shayna Hiller
July 17 2016

3 Things That Keep Women From Getting Turned On + How To Avoid Them

Let’s talk about the three main triggers of anti-sexuality.

Mark Stefanishyn
July 8 2016

4 Need-To-Know Rules For One-Night Stands

Do you know the four fundamental rules of a good hookup?

Rhonda Milrad, LCSW
July 7 2016

6 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is not defined by who or what turns you on. Self-loathing people may seek out sex addiction treatment hoping that it will change their...

Rob Weiss
July 6 2016

4 Tantric Practices To Build Intimacy In Your Relationship

We're especially excited about the idea of "conscious sensuality."

Shelly Bullard, MFT
July 2 2016

Can You Have A Great Relationship Without Great Sex?

If you're not having great sex, YOU might be the problem. Here's how to fix it.

Biet Simkin
July 1 2016

The Tampon Of The Future Will Be Able To Detect Disease In Your Blood

They could test for biomarkers that help diagnose medical conditions like endometriosis, cervical cancer, and fertility.

Emi Boscamp
June 24 2016

A Sense-Awakening Tantric Meditation To Intensify Pleasure

This sense-awakening meditation will amplify your sensuality and enhance any pleasurable experience.

Psalm Isadora
June 23 2016