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Can A Relationship Work If Only One Of You Wants To Be Exclusive?

"Our conversations were getting progressively hotter, and I was curious whether we'd still have that incredible chemistry we had years ago. He wanted...

Sandy Weiner
December 11 2016

Committed To A Relationship But Unsatisfied Sexually? Here's How To Reconnect

Whether the sex has gone out of your relationship or you've lost your sex drive, lack of communication is often the culprit. You can't control your...

Psalm Isadora
December 9 2016

How I Finally Beat My Sex Addiction (When Nothing Else Worked)

"So often, we're just aching to be heard and to be held—by ourselves even more than by someone else."

Ashley Beaudin
December 8 2016

Cuffing Versus Coupling: What Does It Mean For Relationships?

Your attachment style in part is about how closely you attached to your parents and predicts similarly how you will attach to romantic partners in the...

Diane Strachowski, EdD
December 8 2016

Love Versus Lust: Here's What You Need To Know

Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't be in physical pain after a breakup. You can. Here's the biology that makes it happen.

Robert Weiss, PhD, MSW
December 6 2016

How To Heal From Sexual Trauma (According To A Relationships & Abuse Expert)

"When you use your voice and choose to protect yourself, you will become the hero."

Psalm Isadora
November 25 2016

Alluring Aphrodisiac Rituals To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

If you're looking for an aphrodisiac, ignore your boudoir and instead peek inside your beauty cabinet.

Fern Olivia
November 6 2016

Not Enjoying Sex? Here's How To Take Control Of Your Pleasure

"Your biggest sex organ is your brain—not your body."

Psalm Isadora
October 28 2016

How To Make Your Relationship Feel Brand-New (No Matter How Long You've Been Together)

"Novelty adds satisfaction to relationships and can reignite passion. You may find it unexpectedly invigorating—and just plain fun."

Linda Carroll, M.S., LMFT
October 17 2016

Have More Sex + 6 Other Ways To Balance Your Immune System & Calm Inflammation

Seven simple ways to balance your immune system to stay healthy this fall. By the way, having sex is one of them.

William Cole, D.C., IFMCP
October 17 2016

The Subtle Secret To Consistently Mind-Blowing Sex

"Paying attention to the power of when can deliver some pretty hot and heavy benefits to your sex life."

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D.
October 10 2016

5 Questions To Help You Navigate Your Relationship After Infidelity

Here are five questions you can ask yourself when you're trying to clarify your next move.

Rhonda Milrad, LCSW
September 29 2016

How Tantra Helped Me Overcome Trauma & Find Sexual Healing

In this moving talk, Psalm Isadora vulnerably shares her journey from childhood sexual abuse and shame to personal responsibility, empowerment, and...

September 21 2016

3 Ayurvedic Herbs to Boost Your Libido

In addition to recommending simple diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips to increase libido and fertility, Ayurveda also offers some powerful herbal...

Stephanie Brown
September 13 2016

The One Food That's Wrecking Your Sex Life

I've found these five strategies help women balance hormones naturally so they feel vibrant, lean, and sexy.

Mark Hyman, M.D.
September 8 2016

Going On A First Date? Keep These 4 Things In Mind

You'll be a first date rock star in no time.

Emily Fletcher
September 6 2016