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I'm An Empath + I Feel EVERYTHING. Here's What It's Really Like

"As early as elementary school I remember having trouble walking to school because I felt so sensitive to what everyone around me was thinking. Their...

Sydney Campos
December 26 2016

10 Ways To Get Past A 'Bad Food Day'

Mind over matter: here's a winning plan to help you feel better in no time.

Dr. Simone Laubscher
December 22 2016

9 Illustrations Every Introvert Will Understand

What's so special about Marzi Wilson's Introvert Doodles? "So often, being an introvert can just feel like being a deeply broken person, and she makes...

Allison Daniels
December 21 2016

Why Taking Charge Of Your Own Pleasure Is The Ultimate Act Of Self-Care

"A lot of women don't reach climax because their bodies stay at a point of tension, without breaking through to the other side to the release of...

Psalm Isadora
December 16 2016

No Body Checking + 4 Other Ways To Stay Sane Through The Holidays

Easier said than done, we know, but you'll thank yourself later.

Lauren McAuly
November 28 2016

THIS Is The Key To Celeb Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's Happiness & Success

It's obvious celeb nutritionist Kimberly Snyder has a magic recipe about cultivating radiance and joy from the inside out. And this week, she gave it...

Kimberly Snyder
November 23 2016

8 Ways To Raise Daughters Who Love Their Bodies, No Matter What

"How do we teach our children to resist the toxic message of our culture, which measures the success of women on how well we fit its mercurial...

Gracie X
November 21 2016

Getting Easily Overwhelmed Might Just Be One Of Your Greatest Strengths. Here's Why

"Before I understood high sensitivity, I always thought there was something wrong with me."

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 10 2016

How Giving Back To Others Is Actually An Act Of Self-Care

Giving your talents and time will actually make you a happier person.

Jenny Santi
November 9 2016

8 Reasons Time Spent Alone Is the Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself

"Being alone can lead you on a journey of self-discovery that will profoundly alter your path in life."

Miranda Hill
November 7 2016

The Moment I Knew I Had To Leave My Abusive Husband

"He backhanded my cheekbone and nose with his knuckles. It felt like a knife slicing my face, but then came sudden, flaming heat. He bounded out of...

Betty Hafner
November 6 2016

How Pole Dancing Helped Me Discover My Spirituality

"I thought it would help me increase my flexibility and grace. It never occurred to me that pole dancing would strip me to my core."

Jennifer Monahan
November 5 2016

The Best (And Only) Way To Deal & Heal When You Feel Totally Helpless

"As long as you stay stuck trying to change other people, you won't focus on what you can do for yourself."

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
November 4 2016