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This Healing Bath Is The Only Thing Missing From Your Weekly Routine

In spiritual practices all over the world, bath rituals serve as a form of rebirth. We unify with the sacred waters for detoxification, regeneration,...

Deborah Hanekamp
October 5 2015

How Listening to Your Heart Creates Physical Wellness

As a licensed acupuncturist and certified Reiki master/teacher, I'm often asked how it all works. What's the point? Why should someone try either?

Margarita Alcantara, LAc
October 4 2015

I'm A Fitness Professional, But I Was So Photoshopped That I Didn't Recognize Myself

While I’ve known for a long time that most images of models or fitness experts have been Photoshopped, I didn’t realize how drastic — and potentially...

Sadie Lincoln
September 28 2015

How To Reduce The Number Of Bad Decisions You Make

“Write a list of pros and cons,” they told me when I was trying to decide whether to go to grad school.

Cloris Kylie
September 10 2015

Get Paid To Do What You Love! Here's How

According to the latest Gallup polls, only 32% of Americans actually love what they do for a living. That leaves a whopping 68% of people feeling...

Dean Bokhari
September 8 2015

How To Finally Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

I don’t know about you, but when I compare myself to others I always feel drained, insecure, and unhappy and find myself creating stories about how...

Kate Eckman
September 6 2015

6 Habits Of Body-Positive People

To be body-positive is to believe that all bodies, no matter their shape, size, age or ability, are equally worthy and to behave in a way that...

Annette Sloan
September 3 2015

38 Ways To Really Show Up In Your Relationship

Do you show up in your relationships? Are you really, truly there for your partner, with full presence and commitment? Or do you show up simply by...

Vishnu Subramaniam
August 30 2015

How I Found The Strength To Leave My Marriage & Start Again

For more years than I’m proud to admit, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach during my marriage, which began at the tender age of 21. I later...

Sarah Woehler
August 23 2015

Top 10 Ways To Be More Sensual Every Day

Feeling fully in our bodies is difficult for most of us. The demands of family, work and modern life generally make it so that we spend most of our...

Michelle Alva
August 21 2015

3 Choices That Will Help You Attract A Devoted Partner

I recently started dating an incredible man. As our connection deepens, I can’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come on my journey of personal...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
August 19 2015

Why Resentment Is Toxic + How To Deal With It

I’ve always been quick to anger. At age 2, I kicked a neighbor who said I was cute. When my mother scolded me and asked why, I put my hands on my hips...

Megan Feldman Bettencourt
August 19 2015

Why You Don’t Need To Trust Yourself (And What To Do Instead)

“Trust yourself.” This is a piece of advice we've all heard over and over again. Despite being cliché, this advice undoubtedly comes from an...

Lindsey Lewis
August 19 2015

I Used To Be Codependent. Here's How I Stay True To Myself In Relationships

You and your partner have met, fallen in love and everything seems to be going well. Sure, you’ve stopped going to your weekly yoga class, meeting...

Cynthia Kane
August 14 2015

Why You Still Don't Know What You Want To Be When You Grow Up

Your stomach knots up just thinking about entering your office building each morning. You have a perpetual feeling that your current job is not the...

Alison Elissa Cardy
August 13 2015

How Surviving Anorexia Taught Me Self-Love

When I was young, my mother loved to cook. There was little processed food in our house and mom made it a point to create wholesome, nourishing meals...

Lara Hudson
August 13 2015

How To Make More Room In Your Life For What You Really Want

Most of my clients fall into one of two camps: 1) The first ask the question, How can I change myself? 2) The second ask, How can I change others?

Amita Patel
August 11 2015

I Felt Inferior My Whole Life. Here's How I Overcame That

I spent much of my life feeling inferior to those around me. I'd walk into a room of people and automatically, almost unconsciously, position myself...

Kristin Hartjes, D.C.
August 11 2015