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How To Master Self-Acceptance

The road to mastering self-acceptance is long and winding, but here are four important reminders to help you along the way.

5 Reasons Putting Yourself First Is The Opposite Of Selfish

There is a huge myth in our culture that it's time to shake up — the idea that putting yourself first is selfish.

Tracy Thomas, PhD
March 17 2015

7 Tips For Dealing With Life If You Can't Afford A Therapist

Let's face it. Therapy can be expensive. As a licensed marriage and family therapist myself, I admit that I sometimes wonder on my drive home from...

John Kim, LMFT
March 10 2015

13 Lies Your Inner Critic Tells You + How To Stop Believing Them

Many of us grew up with parents, caregivers, siblings, teachers and/or religious leaders who told us lies about ourselves, about others and about God....

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
March 6 2015

4 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You From Living Your Dream Life

Is there anyone who doesn't ultimately aspire to live a life filled with enthusiasm and passion? We all want to make the most of our talents and...

Patricia Thompson, PhD
March 4 2015

5 Things To Remember If You're An Anxious Person

I have compiled a list of five things that I want everyone who feels burdened by the grips of anxiety to not only recognize, but to understand.

Quentin Vennie
March 2 2015

Why You Should Try Writing With Your Non-Dominant Hand

When I began writing with my non-dominant hand, I began to realize that I was drawing on wisdom that was universal.

Peg Conley
February 27 2015

Parents Tattoo Their Legs To Match Child's Birthmark So She Doesn't Feel Alone

A little 18-month-old girl named Honey-Rae Phillips has a red birthmark that spans the entire length of her right leg.

Emi Boscamp
February 27 2015

Yes, You Can Succeed As A Yoga Teacher. Here's How

In the decade that I've led yoga teacher training programs, I've found that students who have the greatest potential often display a distinct...

Silvia Mordini
February 25 2015

10 Signs You're The Best Version Of Yourself

Sure, we're all a work in progress, but that doesn't mean the person you are today isn't good enough. People who are happy and successful get there by...

February 24 2015

Why You Can Be In A Relationship & Still Focus On Yourself

Self-respect is essential for any healthy relationship. But when working with individuals in their search for love, I'm still always surprised to hear...

Kavita Patel
February 23 2015