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If Gurus Tweeted (Infographic)

Twitter has become a major platform for the spiritual leaders of our generation. Guys like Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, and Paulo Coelho pop up in...

Myk Likhov
April 19 2012

More Men Doing Yoga to Manage Stress, Help Their Business

People are drawn to yoga for different reasons, and whatever the reason might be, whether it's deemed to be a good reason (or a bad one), I definitely...

Jason Wachob
November 6 2011

Heidi Klum Gives Yoga a Whirl

When Heidi Klum decided to give yoga a whirl she turned to her friend and yogi, Russell Simmons, for guidance. The result: some very keen observations...

July 13 2011

Self-Actualization at Sea

Last weekend, a conference took place that most people have not heard about, yet. It's called Summit at Sea and it is a multi-sensory and...

Myk Likhov
April 14 2011

Q & A with Sharon Gannon: Jivamukti Yoga Icon

Sharon Gannon has studied yoga and meditation since 1969, and in 1984 she created the Jivamukti yoga method with David Life. She's also a best-selling...

Jason Wachob
December 7 2010

Plant-Based Power Players

Private jets and steak dinners might be a thing of the past for moguls as a growing number of high-profile CEOs are becoming vegan or eating a more...

November 11 2010

Jivamukti Yoga 101: What Is Jivamukti Yoga?

Founded by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984 in New York City, Jivamukti (which means "liberation while living") is a school of vinyasa yoga, so...

October 12 2009