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The Perfect Running Stride: Why It's Important & How To Find Yours

Your stride — or gait cycle — begins when one foot touches down on the ground and ends when that same foot hits the ground again. There are two...

Jordan Metzl, M.D.
April 7 2015

7 Tips To Perfect Your Running Form

The spring thaw has arrived and you can finally do your long runs outside instead of on the dreaded treadmill. Set yourself up for an injury-free...

How To Crush A Half-Marathon (In 13.1 Easy Steps!)

As the coordinator for the New York Road Runners' Official TCS New York City Marathon Online Training Program, I've worked with over 12,000 runners on...

John Honerkamp
March 15 2015

The 5 Best Exercises To Prevent Common Running Injuries

I've trained my share of long distance runners, triathletes and Iron Man competitors, and no matter how fit these die-hard enthusiasts are, they often...

Lara Hudson
February 18 2015

I Did These 3 Things For 90 Days & Became A Faster, Stronger Runner

It wasn't long after I started running that I began to look for ways to become faster and stronger. I followed tailored training plans, started...

Lisa Kelly
January 18 2015

Why You Should Start A Running Habit (Even If You Think You'll Hate It)

At the peak of my running habit, I was at every event and always in the newest gear. I built an impressive collection of racing bibs and medals along...

Lisa Kelly
January 7 2015

My Best Running Partner Was The Last Person I Expected

I started running when I was nine. Up until that point, I was involved in a host of different sports and activities, most of which took place in a...

Gabrielle Balestrier
December 24 2014

12 Things I Learned Running My First NYC Marathon At 50

It's hard to believe a year has passed since I laced up my sneakers, boarded an early ferry to the start line in Staten Island, and with 26.2 miles...

Teri Robinson
November 2 2014

Treadmills Don't Have To Be Boring! 4 Ways To Mix It Up

Are those six-mile treadmill runs putting you to sleep? Are you hungry for a change? You're not getting the most from your time at the gym if you get...

Debora Warner
October 16 2014

How To Turn Your Run Into A Mindful Meditation

What if there was a way to tame the mind, while simultaneously training your body?

Michael Sandler
September 19 2014

How To Run A Marathon With More Ease & Less Anxiety

Hey, runners! With the fall marathon season right around the corner, it's time to train both your body and mind for any big events you may be running...

Christina O'Flaherty
August 31 2014

5 Amazing Workouts You Can Do On A Treadmill

The treadmill is a much more powerful training tool than most people realize. It allows for more creative workout programming, allowing you to...

Debora Warner
August 29 2014

How To Train For Your First 5K

There’s nothing like the glory of crossing the finish line! Whether you’re new to racing or looking to jump back in, this simple plan will have you up...

Laura McDonald
August 27 2014

Running Just 5 Minutes A Day Adds Years To Your Life

Do you love to run? Even just for 10 minutes at a time? Well keep it up, because for any type of runner (from the most recreational jogger to the...

July 29 2014

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Running

Recently, I ran a race and I was hoping to finish in a specific time. I trained pretty hard and I was confident it was going to happen. Before the...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
June 30 2014

A Beginner's Guide To Marathon Training

Are you getting ready to embark on your first marathon? Maybe this will be your second or third race, and you're curious about how others prepare? A...

Katie Corazzo, N.D.
May 8 2014

8 Reasons To Get Off The Couch & Go For A Run

Today, I had every intention of lacing up my sneakers the second I woke up and hitting the street for a run. Those good intentions, though, quickly...

Kelly Sheehan
April 9 2014

3 Tips To Stop Being A Wuss & Start Running More

When I was growing up, both running and runners made no sense to me. It downright baffled me when someone was able to run more than a mile without...

Suzanne Kvilhaug
January 14 2014