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10 Tips To Finish An Ultramarathon — From A Champion Racer

Running a trail spanning anywhere from 30 to 100 miles used to be reserved for a small group of super athletes, but now ultra-running is a...

Krissy Moehl
January 8 2016

Running The NYC Marathon? What You Need To Know About The Course (But No One Will Tell You)

As the coordinator for the New York Road Runners’ Official TCS New York City Marathon Online Training Program, I have worked with more than 12,000...

John Honerkamp
October 30 2015

I Did These 7 Things & Became A Faster Runner

After running my first marathon, I was in so much pain I thought I’d never run again. Yet, after the pain subsided, I realized maybe it was my running...

Nick Ortego
October 29 2015

12 Inspiring Athletes (Ages 23 To 105) Who Will Make You Want To Go Running Right Now

Marathon season is almost here! The Bank of America Chicago Marathon kicks off on Sunday, and the TCS New York City Marathon follows about a month...

Gabrielle Frank
October 9 2015

5 Things All Runners Should Do (But Probably Don't)

Runners do a repetitive pattern of movement that can result in problems if they're not careful. Repeated frontal plane contractions (the same muscles...

Laura Di Franco, MPT
September 18 2015

3 Urban Runs Every New Yorker Should Try (At Least Once!)

Here at mindbodygreen, we consider the great outdoors to be the best gym for working up a sweat and meeting friends, not to mention exploring new...

September 10 2015

10 Ways To Transform Your Run Into A Full-Body Workout

Running doesn’t have to be boring or tedious — and it shouldn’t feel like a chore. There are easy ways to make your runs more fun and to amp up the...

Heather Dorak
August 7 2015

15 Reasons To Go For A Run, Right Now!

Most people fall into two camps — they either love running, or hate it with a passion. Whichever type you are, the following reasons are why I run and...

Heather Dorak
August 3 2015

3 Mistakes You're Making On The Treadmill + How To Fix 'Em

While there's a bit of a "rivalry" between treadmill and outdoor runners, it's hard to deny that treadmills are a practical way to get in a quick run...

Martina Zand
May 31 2015

5 Tips To Treating & Preventing Shin Splints

That sharp pain in the front of your shin. The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. The instant realization that the next few weeks will be...

Camilla Moore, D.C.
May 29 2015

10 Reasons Running Is The Best Kind Of Therapy

I’ve always hated running. Even more than that, I’ve always hated "enduring" anything — whether it be a situation, an emotion or a relationship that...

Tory Dube
May 4 2015

How To Get In A Daily Run, No Matter How Crazy-Busy You Are

We all have that one friend we secretly believe must not sleep because how else could they possibly work full-time, volunteer, stay in amazing shape...

Amanda C. Brooks
May 2 2015

9 Tips For Healthy, Fun, Injury-Free Running

There is the thinking behind what's going to help you run your best for the rest of your life, and then there's the action you need to take. Here is...

Jordan Metzl, M.D.
April 14 2015

The Perfect Running Stride: Why It's Important & How To Find Yours

Your stride — or gait cycle — begins when one foot touches down on the ground and ends when that same foot hits the ground again. There are two...

Jordan Metzl, M.D.
April 7 2015

7 Tips To Perfect Your Running Form

The spring thaw has arrived and you can finally do your long runs outside instead of on the dreaded treadmill. Set yourself up for an injury-free...

How To Crush A Half-Marathon (In 13.1 Easy Steps!)

As the coordinator for the New York Road Runners' Official TCS New York City Marathon Online Training Program, I've worked with over 12,000 runners on...

John Honerkamp
March 15 2015