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Finding God Within

I grew up as a kid going to church every Sunday with my parents and brother. As I got older I realized my lack of connection with a religion that did...

Jeannine Walston
April 26 2012

3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Inner Peace

The things that allow me to create peace in my body, mind and life are incredibly simple. Yet I know that it's the simple things in life we often need...

Marissa Håkansson
April 25 2012

Appreciate Your Body

"Appreciate your body as your faithful servant. Your brain is at your command. Your lungs have drawn air for you since the day you were born; your...

April 13 2012

Kick Fear to the Curb with One Trick

I do not typically make New Year’s resolutions, but I wanted to have a truly authentic intention for 2012, one that would carry me forward in life as...

Emily Kasman
April 11 2012

5 Things to Know Before Your First West African Dance Class

I can easily say that West African drumming and dancing have significantly improved the quality of my life. Although doing anything for the first time...

Gigi Yogini
April 10 2012

How Drumming Changed My Life

Before my daily yoga practice, I used to suffer from ridiculous anxiety. One of the ways I loved to release stress was to dance, and when I wanted to...

Gigi Yogini
April 5 2012

Sleep Better Tonight with These 5 Tips

Sleep is something each one of us does on a nightly basis. Yet, when it comes to good night's rest, there are still a lot of questions that may elude...

James Schreiber
April 2 2012

The Very Real Benefits of Napping

I was raised as a Biphasic sleeper. It's true. While most kids are told eventually that they've outgrown a daily nap, sleeping twice in any 24 hour...

Deborah Williamson
February 27 2012

Thank Goodness for Unexpected Change

Most of us have faced big changes at some point or another. During these times, many of us ask "what is life wanting from me?" or "what am I supposed...

Sheila Shuster
February 27 2012

10 Holistic Travel Tips

In preparation for my trip to Africa, I was concerned about all the stress my body would be going through. There's the 17 hour flight (hard on a...

Abby Phon
February 21 2012

5 Tips to Get Your Body Rhythm Back

Do you feel like you're out of sync? Here are some tips to help get your rhythm back:

Frank Lipman, M.D.
February 13 2012

What You Need to Know About Circadian Rhythms

When our rhythms are in sync, life flows easily. We have more energy, and everyday tasks are easier to perform. When we're 'in our rhythm,' we're more...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
January 5 2012

I Love You, Don't Change

I recently attended a lecture in NYC given by Gabrielle Roth, a philosopher and movement meditation instructor, entitled Confessions of a Spiritual...

Linden Schaffer
November 30 2011

Rhythm and Getting in the Flow

Picture two swimmers. One glides easily downstream with the current, enjoying her view of the wildflowers and birds along the river bank as she swims...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
November 14 2011

Stand Up and Meditate

If you do sitting meditation regularly, you've probably experienced internal resistance at some point. It's that overwhelming feeling that you are...

Dan Kleiman
November 3 2011

Align with Your Daily Ayurvedic Rhythm

Do you ever notice that when you get sick your life feels out of sync? For example, if you spend enough time staying out late, partying with friends,...

Ashley Dentino
November 1 2011

Rhythm, Nature, and Science

Although Western medicine discovered circadian rhythms about 300 years ago, chronobiology, (the study of body rhythms and internal body clocks), is...

Frank Lipman, M.D.
October 18 2011