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The 10 Best Beaches To Visit In 2015

If you're stuck somewhere in the frostbitten Northeast like us, there's probably nothing that sounds better to you right now than sinking your toes...

Emi Boscamp
February 19 2015

5 Under-The-Radar Stressors To Watch Out For

Most people talk about stress as something they feel. You probably relate it to an uncomfortable emotion, such as frustration or anxiety. There's also...

Sita Huber
February 17 2015

Pamper Yourself With These 3 DIY Beauty Treatments

This weekend, couples around the world will be celebrating Valentine's Day. And while romantic love is certainly something worth honoring, to me, the...

Britanie Faith
February 14 2015

8 Must-Read Books To Inspire Your Wellness Journey

Fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, whole grains and just the right good-for-you snacks. The beginning of the year is usually flush with sage nutrition...

February 13 2015

4 Everyday Tips For Optimal Heart Health

Little changes in the way we live each day can make big differences in the long run, and heart health is no exception. While you probably know the...

Dr. Mimi Guarneri
February 10 2015

5 Beginner Meditations To Help You Relax & Sleep Better

I never really understood what meditating was until, one night last year while lying in bed feeling restless and fussy, I paused and took three deep...

Katie Chamberlain Kritikos
February 7 2015

The 10 Easiest Ways To Reduce Stress

About 10 years ago, I made the decision to simplify my life. Initially this was driven by logistics, as my husband and I had moved from London to...

Domonique Bertolucci
February 3 2015

National Sleep Foundation Releases New Guidelines For A Good Night's Rest

If you're like the majority of the population, you need to get more sleep. But no matter how groggy you felt after hitting the snooze button for the...

Emi Boscamp
February 3 2015

Jeff Bridges Releases Album Designed To Help You Sleep

The Coen brothers' adaptation of True Grit, chock-full of graphic violence, might not be your ideal movie to fall asleep to. But the voice of the...

Emi Boscamp
January 30 2015

This Easy Morning Practice Will Revolutionize Your Life (Video)

When you wake up, do you immediately check your phone to see what emails, texts and social media updates you might have missed? Do you find that it...

January 29 2015

8-Minute Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation To Help You Sleep

Do you find it difficult to relax or have trouble sleeping? According to the American Psychological Association, much of your stress may be attributed...

David Magone
January 28 2015

6 Yoga Poses For More Restful Sleep

If you've ever spent a groggy day at work nodding off at your desk because you couldn't fall asleep the night before, you are not alone. According to...

David Magone
January 15 2015

5 Steps To Create A Vision For The Year (It's Better Than A Resolution)

This year, instead of using the word "resolution," consider creating a vision for the year.

Brynn Johnson
January 9 2015

7 Health Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making Throughout The Day

There are some habits that have been ingrained into us for so long that we might not even realize that they're detrimental to our health.

Kelsey Frizzell
January 6 2015

Trouble Sleeping? 4 Techniques That Really Work

Telling our brain it's time for sleep can be a challenge. It may not be done telling us stories for the day, or it may be more interested in going...

Chris Pritchard
January 2 2015

How Visualization Helped Me Lose 220 Pounds

In 2001, I weighed over 400 pounds. My weight was the big issue in every area of my life. I was borderline type II diabetic, suffered from elevated...

Jon Gabriel
December 30 2014

Are You Going About Self-Care All Wrong?

In recent years, the concept of "self-care" has taken the wellness field by storm. Many of us readily embrace the term as a promise of growth and...

Tara Sareen
December 22 2014

4 Discoveries In Neuroscience That Redefine Happiness

Have you ever tried to tell yourself to "just relax and enjoy" an unexpected traffic-filled commute that is sure to make you late? You keep telling...

Hilary Stokes, PhD, LCSW
December 21 2014