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4 Sneaky Relaxation Techniques You Can Do Right At The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Helpful tools for that inevitable political banter at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Gretchen Lidicker, M.S.
November 22 2016

Move Over PSL: 5 Reasons To Sip Golden Milk Today

Get on board with an Ayurvedic "Happy Hour" by incorporating Golden Milk into your end-of-day wind-down routine.

October 4 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Yes, This Book Will Absolutely Change Your Life

"What if the whole world shifted from the undisciplined pursuit of more to the disciplined pursuit of less—only better?"

September 16 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Essentialism by Greg McKeown

This Book Will Inspire You To Approach Life In A Whole New Way (Seriously)

If you're keen to simplify your overworked, overstimulated lifestyle, this book belongs at the top of your reading list.

September 8 2016

I Was A Stressed-Out Working Mom. Here's The Simple Change That Made My Energy Skyrocket

As a "mompreneur," I'm either buried in my laptop or on the phone — all day long. When I'm not, I'm wearing my mom hat. Here's how I stay sane.

Michelle Dempsey
August 15 2016

5 Ways To Steal A Moment Of Relaxation — Even When You Think You Have No Time

"Retreat time is right in front of your nose, and once you start experiencing the sheer relief of the space, stillness, and silence it brings, you're...

Cara Bradley
August 13 2016

8 Secrets To Vacationing Like A French Woman

A long summer trip is as typical to the French as croissants and café au lait in the morning.

Rebeca Plantier
August 10 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Chris Pavone, Author of The Expats

The Summer Thriller That Will Make You Fall In Love With Reading Again

How often do you come across a page-turning spy caper that hinges on a badass wife, mother, and former intelligence agent?

August 2 2016

Fall Asleep In Minutes With This Bedtime Yoga Sequence

Feeling tense before bed? Roll out your yoga mat and feel your body instantly relax with this 4-minute yoga sequence.

Ellen Vora, M.D.
July 2 2016

5 Essential Elements Of The Perfect Weekend Staycation

From the founder of a global suite of wellness retreats.

Erica Gragg
June 30 2016

The Secret To Falling Asleep When You're Seriously Stressed

Adopt these nighttime rituals to chill out, shut down, and sleep peacefully through the night.

The Holistic Sunday Ritual You Need For An Abundant Week

This very simple process created a massive transformation in my life. As a holistic wealth coach, I often recommend it to my own clients.

Leanne Jacobs, MBA
June 19 2016
PAID CONTENT FOR Lorissa's Kitchen

I'm An Olympian. Here's How Meditation Helped Me Tune Into My Body

"Transitioning to the real world after being an Olympic athlete would not have been as easy without finding inner peace through meditation."

Caroline Burckle
June 16 2016

How Yoga Factors Into Hillary Clinton's Campaign Strategy

"I find it really restorative and helpful to keep my energy and flexibility going."

Emi Boscamp
June 2 2016

4 Detox Baths To Help Heal Everything

You deserve a hot second to relax.

Amy Jarosky
May 18 2016

A Bedtime Meditation For Kids So Good You'll Do It Too

Help your little one banish worries and fears before bedtime with this calming visualization.

Erica Golub
May 13 2016