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How To Heal From An Abusive Relationship

The fact that you've never had a healthy relationship before doesn't mean you never will. You just have to break that pattern. Here's how to let go of...

Sandy Weiner
February 18 2017

I Discovered My Husband's Affair. Can Tantra Save Our Marriage?

"How somebody treats you is always a reflection of their struggles and insecurities, not a reflection of your value."

Psalm Isadora
February 17 2017

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Love Story

"This should have been one of the worst days of my life. And yet, it was in that moment that I knew she was the one."

Joseph Fan
February 14 2017

Finding Love At The Gym

32 percent of Americans say the possibility of meeting someone at the gym motivates them to go.

Elizabeth Inglese
February 14 2017

What It's Like To Watch A Porn Flick On A Date (With 307 Strangers)

"Watching people be exactly who they are and express their sexuality articulately and without shame is unexpectedly beautiful."

Alicia Ostarello
February 11 2017

4 Ways To Guarantee A Messy Breakup

These pitfalls can sneak up on you, but you'll inevitably wish you'd sidestepped them. Keep your eyes peeled for these tricky spots if you want a...

Rob Weiss
February 9 2017

5 Myths About Love That Are Holding You Back

"Romantic love is not inherently more valuable than any other kind. That perception is part of our cultural baggage, and it keeps us from feeling more...

Sharon Salzberg
February 8 2017

I Survived Abuse, Cancer & Loss. Here's How I Healed From My Past

Lockey Maisonneuve was dealt alcoholic parents, suffered sexual abuse, fought cancer, and survived violent loss. Here's how she healed from her past.

Lockey Maisonneuve
February 7 2017

The Secrets To ACTUALLY Making A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Turns out, it's not impossible. Here are the tools you need to get through the long-distance phase of your relationship.

Cathryn Mora
January 31 2017

The One Phrase Even More Powerful Than "I Love You"

"We paused. Something felt different. It was different because of that one little word."

Andrew Horn
January 31 2017

How You're Sabotaging Your Date Before It Even Starts

No matter what, it's about trusting your instincts.

Sandy Weiner
January 27 2017

Do You Need To Be Right? It Might Be Ruining Your Relationships

If your fights with your partner tend to be more about winning than about resolving conflict, read this.

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
January 26 2017

I'm Single, 40 & Never Married: Here's Why I Wrote My Wedding Vows

"The truth is that you split me wide open in the best way possible. And while it was brutal, the richness and beauty in that experience was a divine...

Laurenn Cutshaw
January 25 2017

10 Tools New Parents Can Use To Fall Back In Love

Don't forget about your partner in all the baby-crazy.

Caroline Zwickson, M.A.
January 21 2017

It's Aquarius Season: Here's What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Relationships

Whether you're breaking up, making up, falling in love, or trying to figure out that infuriating person, knowing your love horoscope can help make...

The AstroTwins
January 20 2017

Everything You Need To Know About This Incredibly Common Male Fetish

Your sexual preferences can always evolve—even if you've been married for 30 years. Here's how to make sure they enrich your relationship rather than...

Psalm Isadora
January 20 2017

How NOT To Get Manipulated By Your Narcissistic Ex

Breaking up with a narcissist won't stop 'em from trying to manipulate you. Here's how to deal with emotional warfare.

Lindsey Ellison
January 18 2017

How Periods Have Become A Source Of Togetherness

This is why millennials are having better periods.

Lauren Stewart
January 14 2017