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21 Questions To Help You Uncover Your Passion

This post is part of a series by Shannon Kaiser called Live Your Life — a primer on finding your passion and living with purpose. Each day this week,...

Shannon Kaiser
January 23 2016

10 Signs Your Career Is Crushing Your Soul & What To Do About It

This post is part of a series by Shannon Kaiser called Live Your Life — a primer on finding your passion and living with purpose. Each day this week,...

Shannon Kaiser
January 20 2016

5-Song Playlist To Boost Your Brain Power

Tune into this playlist while you're making coffee and see if it stimulates new and intelligent thoughts all day long.

Gabrielle Frank
January 20 2016

4 Tiny Productivity Hacks That Make A Big Difference

Do you ever feel like your days are starting to blur together? You go to the same places, eat the same foods, and feel like your life is a hamster...

Paula Rizzo
January 18 2016

8 Free Activities That Are Good For Your Soul

A list of the most soulful and smart ways to spend your downtime today

Lidiya K
January 16 2016

20 Wellness Books Worth Reading In 2016

We at mbg make it our business to sift through the latest, greatest, and even the not-so-great health and wellness tomes, and bring you only the best...

Allison Daniels
January 15 2016

5 Self-Sabotaging Habits Holding You Back (And How To Fix Them)

In the spirit of starting fresh (and doing it right this time), here are some of the most common ways we sabotage our own happiness and tips on how to...

Shannon Kaiser
January 13 2016

5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Yourself

If you’re a rational human being, then you probably have a tiny voice in your head that tells you why certain things are possible and other things...

Steve Kamb
January 12 2016

The #1 Secret To Realizing Your Biggest Dreams

For years I was convinced I knew what kept people from achieving their goals in life: determination and persistence. But now, my opinion has changed.

Edward Vilga
January 6 2016

How To Be More Productive — By Procrastinating

You probably crave more focus and wish you were less scatterbrained. Maybe you've even tried productivity hacks to help you avoid distractions. But...

Kaia Roman
January 3 2016

18 Sacred Intentions To Set For A Better Life—Starting NOW

To start living a happier, more joyful, and serene life, choose a few of these intentions and embrace them. Now is the only time we've got.

Vishnu Subramaniam
December 28 2015

5 Ways To Simplify Your Life In 5 Minutes Or Less

A few low-investment, high-reward ways you can lighten the load and simplify your life.

Paula Rizzo
December 6 2015

24 Stress-Busting Holiday Hacks To Help You Save Time & Stay Healthy

If you're like most of us, December is a month of rushing around to shop, bake, plan, and attend parties. We finish the year tired, annoyed, sluggish,...

Rebeca Plantier
December 3 2015

How To Find Purpose In Your Job (No Matter What You Do)

After three months of maternity leave, I had gone back to work, and things just didn’t feel right. I was in a major funk. I couldn’t put my finger on...

Cailen Ascher
November 17 2015

5 Powerful Affirmations To Start Your Week Right

Often, we keep our goals to ourselves, afraid that if we say them out loud we might jinx them or somehow keep ourselves from reaching them....

Paula Rizzo
November 16 2015

10 Activities To Make You Happier Today — That Don't Involve Spending Money

Creative, free activities can bring you just as much joy as anything money can buy. See if you can incorporate any of these 10 ideas into your routine...

Anna Newell Jones
November 15 2015

7 Habits Preventing You From Manifesting Happiness + How To Fix Them

In my experience, as well as what I've seen in my coaching practice, it's become clear to me that most people's lives are riddled with bad habits that...

Tyler C. Beaty
November 14 2015

10 Tiny Tweaks You Can Make NOW To Majorly Improve Your Life

If you start to incorporate these 10 incredibly simple — yet powerful — habits into your life, you'll start seeing results almost immediately.

Dean Bokhari
November 6 2015