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How to Make a Tough Decision

We are all faced with those moments in life that seem to beg us to make a critical decision, and the inability to make that decision can cause a lot...

Amanda Christian
November 8 2012

Caring Too Much About What People Think

This modern world makes sure we never lack want. Whatever you may have, there is an advertisement waiting to tell you that you don't have enough....

Danielle Orner
November 7 2012

How to Stay in the Now

According to the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu scriptures that were hammered into my brain as a child, all that is real is right now.

Vasavi Kumar
October 25 2012

5 Ways to Truly Listen

We are failing to listen to ourselves and each other. We have more devices than ever to put into our ears but the challenge of communicating...

Michael Edmondson, PhD
October 20 2012

How to Create a New Chapter In Your Life

Accepting our story is one of the most difficult things to do. We spend so much time wanting to rip out old chapters. We go back and wonder how things...

John Kim, LMFT
October 18 2012

3 Simple Ways to Be Present

Sometimes we can get so busy living our lives that we forget to be in the moment. Worrying about the future and brooding about the past means that we...

Oneika Mays
October 17 2012

Are Your Attachments Causing You Pleasure or Pain?

Pleasure or Pain? If you've ever studied the Yoga Sutras of Pantajli, this question continues to arise. The path of a yogi is learning to break our...

Joan Hyman
October 13 2012

7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Yoga Class

The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten from a teacher is to transcend habit. Yoga is not habitual, and every time you step on your mat, there are...

Samantha Negrin
October 11 2012

How I Learned to Listen

I recently spent two weeks on a meditation retreat. I gave myself time to completely unplug. The quieter I was, the more I understood everything...

Shannon Kaiser
October 11 2012