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How To Stay Present Even When You Feel Like You Can't

If I had a dollar for every time someone has mentioned Eckhart Tolle’s The Power Of Now recently, I’d be buying every MindBodyGreen reader a big green...

Katie Manning
April 17 2013

Are You Too Attached To Your Pain?

I thought for a long time that my cynicism defined me. I liked the sharpened edge I lived with — or at least that’s what I told myself. I clung to to...

Dani Marie Robinson
April 11 2013

What I Wish More People Understood About Having A Miscarriage

On a steamy summer night, I was awakened by pain that most women relate to those "time of the month," cramps. Not too severe, yet annoying enough to...

Blair Shackle
April 6 2013

What A Subway Ride Taught Me About Mindfulness

As I was riding the subway on my way to teach yoga last week, I was planning my class based on mindfulness: the simple act of paying attention to the...

Christine Malossi
March 26 2013

Why Resisting Your Emotions Actually Intensifies Them

Do you resist your emotions, or do you allow yourself to feel your feelings fully? I used to resist my emotions and only welcomed the good feelings,...

Marissa Håkansson
March 25 2013

Are You Hijacking Your Yoga Practice?

I teach yoga in New York City. The other day during class, I told my students, "Bend your knees, let your tailbone drop, and sloooowly breathe...

Will Schneider
March 22 2013

Why You Need To Stop Checking Your Phone

I just watched two of my fellow human beings walk across a busy Chicago street while lost in the world of their phones. Shortly after they sauntered...

Dani Marie Robinson
March 21 2013

What I Learned From A Facebook Detox (And Why You Should Do One, Too)

I love the feeling I get when I’m on a plane chit-chatting with the person next to me. The time flies by (no pun intended) while you get to know your...

Sarah Anne Stewart
March 19 2013

Signs You're Disconnected From Your Body + What To Do About It

I know what it's like to feel disconnected — not only from yourself, but from others and the world. It's a painful place to be.

Marissa Håkansson
March 15 2013

7 Steps To Handle Loss Without Breaking Down

How do you get back in the game after grieving has left you feeling out of it?

Jean Compton
March 13 2013

Can You Find Happiness? 5 Practices To Get Started

Humanity seems to be on an eternal search for happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, and we all deserve it. But as we know, happiness is a journey,...

Pauline Hanuise
March 12 2013

Ever Feel Like Running Away From Your Life?

Do you ever feel like running away from it all? As in: not being present? As in: escaping your life? As in: feeling like if you moved away life would...

Jennifer Pastiloff
February 27 2013

National Day Of Unplugging: Why We All Need To Pull The Plug

When I was a kid, I read that Larry Hagman, the Dallas actor, did not speak on Sundays. He would write a short note or two to his wife if necessary,...

Lois Niven
February 21 2013

On The 10th Anniversary Of My Cancer Diagnosis, I'm Reminded To Pass This On

Life is best-lived at full speed, naively, with high purpose, optimism and a joyful lack of restraint.

Sarah Gordon
January 21 2013

How To See Clearly During Your Most Challenging Times

We hear it over and over again that the only thing constant is change, so why do we have such a hard time embracing it?

Karen Sherwood
January 7 2013

Why You Should Ditch Your iPod The Next Time You Work Out

I made a bold decision today before going on my morning run. Dressed as warmly as I could to brave the winter cold, I had my water and keys in hand...

Amanda Froelich
January 5 2013

Losing My Identity After a Concussion

Ever since I can remember, I've thought of myself as an athlete. I was proud of that title. I liked being athletic.

Mandy Rogers
December 14 2012

Bring It On! 3 Tips to Start Embracing Life's Challenges

We all have sad days, and we all go through challenging times. We may even feel as though we're on a treadmill, running fast to nowhere. I find that...

Andi Evans
December 4 2012

10 Ways to Bring More Beauty Into Your Life

How does seeing a beautiful sunset, an intricate multi-colored butterfly or a breathtaking piece of art make you feel? Uplifted, inspired, content,...

Alison Ottaway
November 28 2012

How to Confidently Speak and Live Your Truth

It took me 27 years before I found the courage to speak my truth. I struggled to express my truth in conversation with others, I was dishonest with...

Marissa Håkansson
November 26 2012