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Why Am I More Social (But Also Lonelier) Now That I'm Single?

Becoming single for me was one of the most liberating time of my life. One decision to end a seven-year relationship catapulted me into a life where I...

Katie DeMartino
May 20 2014

5 Tips To Thrive, Even When Everything Hurts

I am regularly asked in my talks, “Barb, what do you define in your life as happiness?” I smile and answer easily, “Happiness is knowing that whatever...

Barb Schmidt
May 13 2014

5 Ways Eating Mindfully Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time thinking about food, either reading (or creating) delicious recipes or thinking about what you’re...

Chelsey Benzel
May 9 2014

A 5-Minute Meditation To Feel More Passion

We all love feeling passionate and alive, but what ignites passion is different for all of us. I enjoy bringing my passion to mundane tasks (sweeping,...

Betsi Iris Mufson
April 27 2014

What Women Really Want From A Man

Guys, I know women confuse the s**t out of you. I'll be the first to admit it: we can be totally and utterly confusing.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
March 27 2014

5 Things I Miss About Weighing More Than 300 Pounds

I used to weigh more than 300 pounds. I smoked like a house on fire, I drank like a blues guitarist, I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and I...

Kelly Coffey
March 21 2014

5 Ways Of Coping With Your Anxiety That Are Actually Making It Worse

Even if you don't identify with having an anxiety disorder, every person experiences anxiety at times. There's tons of advice out there on how to cope...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
March 20 2014

8 Steps To Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is a journey from the externalized, distracted, and often crazy flood of thoughts in our minds to the inner peace and wisdom of our deeper...

Bhava Ram
February 24 2014

Why Being Present Is So Difficult (And What You Can Do About It)

Before we try to answer that question, it's necessary to understand the intrinsic nature of the mind.

Rajeev Kurapati, M.D.
February 14 2014

Are You Letting Others Steal Your Happiness?

Lately I've been feeling like I've been letting "them" stress me out. You know "them."

Jennifer Pastiloff
February 13 2014

5 Ways You Sabotage Your Ability To Meditate

I have meditated on buses when the body odors around me were overpowering. I have meditated in bed with tissues, completely thrown by a cold.

Courtney Sunday
January 24 2014

5 Qualities That Women Find Irresistible In Men

There's a reason you're attracted to certain people. One of those reasons is whether or not that person is masculine or feminine.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
January 23 2014

How I Taught Mindfulness To Children

Part of my job is to help children who struggle with their feelings or behavior. One little boy I'm working with, whom I'll call Joey, was referred to...

Jenny Drew
January 16 2014

My Ex Is Having A Baby & I'm Pissed

My son came home from his father’s house yesterday and told me his dad’s girlfriend is having a baby. This is not bad news. My son is nearly seven and...

Zoë Kors
January 13 2014

8 Things You Don't Have To Worry About

If you're anything like me, you don’t need any more reasons to worry. You need a few reasons to stop worrying, so below are eight big sources of...

Tina Williamson
January 12 2014

10 Tips Everyone Can Use To Live A Healthier Life

It goes without saying that the start of 2014 marks the beginning of all the resolutions you set out to achieve for yourself and your loved ones. If...

Peter J. Braglia, D.C.
December 28 2013

How To Live A More Meaningful Life In 7 Days

Now, more than ever, we desperately need to put meaning back in our lives, to reconnect with feelings of ease and happiness instead of constant...

Tina Williamson
December 9 2013

3 Life Lessons I Learned When My Marriage Was In The Spotlight

I spent my third wedding anniversary dinner crying over my sushi. I was pretty sure we had failed and were doomed to be miserable for the rest of our...

Kristen Finch
December 6 2013

What I Gave Up When I Became A Parent (Plus 7 Things I Gained)

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a mom. So after years dreaming about it, and over a decade professionally caring for children, I had a...

Emily Koch
November 15 2013

10 Ways To Live Well, Even With Chronic Illness

I became ill in my late 30s, more than 20 years ago. Like many chronically ill patients, I have complex, overlapping diagnoses, all involving pain and...

Joy Selak
November 8 2013