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5 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

More and more we see, hear and read news stories or studies about yoga’s benefits for ailments from diabetes to depression, and rightly so. Anyone who...

Amy Lynch
May 4 2012

6 Tips to Live a MindBodyGreen Pregnancy

Do you want to live a MindBodyGreen-style pregnancy? Here are six great tips to get you started:

Hope Zvara
May 1 2012

Yoga Poses & Sequence for Fertility

My second round of Yoga for Fertility classes at the Reproductive Medical Associates started this past Tuesday evening. About 10 percent of...

Kristin McGee
April 24 2012

5 Tips to Keep Yoga Moms Coming to the Mat

When I lived in New Mexico, there were no yoga classes in sight. That was okay, because even though I'd been a practitioner for years, I still thought...

Jennifer White
April 2 2012

How Yoga Healed Me & Helped Me Give Birth Naturally

Pranayama and meditation changed my life. You see, I'm what some people might call a neurotic, Type A personality. Combine that with a medical...

Jennifer White
March 29 2012

5 Fab Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

We've all seen photos of Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, and January Jones toting a yoga mat, bringing increasing awareness and cool factor to the...

Elizabeth Rowan
March 22 2012

3 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Fertility

As an herbalist, the issue with which my clients come to me most often, aside from anxiety and weight loss, is infertility. Infertility seems to be a...

Amy Jirsa, LMT
March 7 2012

January Jones Post-Baby Weight Loss - Yoga (And Kombucha!)

33 year-old Mad Men star, January Jones, hit the mat religiously when she was pregnant with her first child. (We love this trend of Hollywood...

November 7 2011

Prenatal Yoga with Ashley Albrand, Part II

Yogis and yoga teachers, how has a student's or your own pregnancy changed the way you teach or practice? What have been your challenges, realizations...

Elizabeth Rowan
October 10 2011

Prenatal Yoga with Ashley Albrand, Part I

Yogis and yoga teachers, how has your pregnancy or a student's changed the way you practice or teach? What have been your challenges, realizations or...

Elizabeth Rowan
September 29 2011

Q & A with Hala Khouri: Yoga of Parenting

Hala Khouri is one of the most well-respected yogis in the world. She's also one of the creators of the incredible non-profit organization, Off the...

Jason Wachob
September 20 2011

Exclusive Interview with Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is one of the most sought-after supermodels in the world. She's also a new mom who gave birth naturally (27 hours of labor and no...

Jason Wachob
September 8 2011

Doctors Tell Woman She Couldn't Get Pregnant... But Then She Found Yoga

When Taylor Lackman was 20-years-old, doctors told her that she'd never be able to have a child. 10 years later she got married and unsuccessfully...

August 22 2011

Jessica Alba: Prenatal Yoga Makes for Easier Birth

30-year-old actress, Jessica Alba, is pregnant with her second child. So how is Jessica prepping for birth? Yoga!

August 3 2011

What I Learned in Prenatal Yoga When I Wasn't Expecting

Late to my first day of prenatal yoga teacher training, I discreetly slip in the back of the darkened studio behind two rows of noticeably pregnant...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 22 2011

Tori Spelling Latest Celeb to Embrace Prenatal Yoga

Tori Spelling must have read Lisa Dawn Angerame's ''Pregnant Warriors' post as she's the latest celeb to embrace prenatal yoga.

June 18 2011

Post Baby Yoga: Getting Your Body Back

"When I can go back to yoga?" is the number one question I get from new moms. In fact, just last week, I received a text from a new mom who was still...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 16 2011

Practicing Meditation Pregnant: Connecting Soul to Soul

Pregnancy is a wild ride! There is new life growing inside of you. Your hormones are raging. Your body is changing daily. It is a time of wonder and...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 6 2011

January Jones: Prenatal Yoga Mom-to-Be

January Jones must have read Lisa Dawn Angerame's incredible post on prenatal yoga, 'Pregnant Warriors' because she was spotted hitting prenatal class...

June 3 2011

Pregnant Warriors: Practicing Yoga Pregnant

Have you been practicing yoga for a number of years? Are you pregnant and wondering if you should still practice? The answer is emphatically: YES!...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 1 2011