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Pregnant? 11 Things You Can Stop Worrying About Right Now

Worry is a normal response to the uncertainties of pregnancy, as well as to caring deeply about our babies.

Aviva Romm, M.D.
October 23 2015

7 Ways French Women Do Childbirth & Breast-Feeding Differently

Here is what I’ve noticed about how women in France approach childbirth and breastfeeding.

Rebeca Plantier
October 13 2015

18 Celebrities Who Were Really Honest About Their Fertility Struggles

It's been a powerful few days for fertility and the many issues that surround it.

Allie White
September 18 2015

The Hormone-Free Birth Control Method No One Talks About (It's Not An IUD)

What's it really like to use "fertility awareness" as birth control? If you listen to popular opinion, you're probably thinking the following: It's...

Hannah Ransom
September 16 2015

I'm An OB-GYN Who Never Wanted Kids. Here's Why I'm Grateful For My Unplanned Pregnancy

I found out I was pregnant when I was six weeks along, and those first 24 hours were the most confusing, scariest moments of my life. For someone...

5 Reasons To Choose Fertility-Friendly Skin Care

When it comes to fertility, what we put on our body is just as important as what we put inside it. Choosing toxin-free skin care that's “edible” (i.e....

Anna Mitsios, N.D.
August 25 2015

Why A Doula's Worth The Money

Six reasons having a doula can improve your pregnancy, labor and journey into motherhood.

Elisabeth Lewis
August 24 2015

9 Women On What Happened When They Went Off Hormonal Birth Control

Most of us are familiar with the side effects of starting hormonal birth control.

Anna Williams
August 11 2015

Pregnant? 5 Natural Skin Care Ingredients To Treat Your Body Right

Not only is skin your largest organ, but much of what we put on it ends up in our blood stream, meaning it can also be found in your baby's.

Grace Lee
August 11 2015

I Wanted To Avoid A C-Section At All Costs. And Then I Went Into Labor

Before I became pregnant, I thought Cesarean sections were performed only in the event of a true emergency.

Alena Gerst, LCSW
August 6 2015

7 Things Every Woman Needs To Know About IUDs

You've probably heard a lot about IUDs lately. And with all the buzz this birth control has been generating, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that...

Anna Williams
July 29 2015

5 Affirmations I Use Every Day For A Blissful, Stress-Free Pregnancy

I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant. It was a frigid day in New York City and the yellow taxi cabs were whizzing by on the streets...

Suki Eleuterio
July 28 2015

The Hidden Risks (And Rewards) I Wish Every Woman Knew About IVF

“I feel really comfortable putting in three.”

Krysta Manning
July 24 2015

Prenatal No-Nos: A Complete Yoga Guide To A Healthy, Safe Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting (and scary!) time. If it’s your first pregnancy, then for the very first time in your life every decision you make effects...

Heidi Kristoffer
July 20 2015

How I Finally Became A Mother At 42 ... Without IVF

I was 41 years old when my husband and I started seriously talking about having kids

Alisa Vitti
June 29 2015