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8 Things I've Learned About Yoga Since Having A Baby

Almost a year ago to the day, I wrote an article about what it was like to practice yoga soon after having a baby. Now, one year into motherhood, not...

Liz Vartanian
November 25 2013

What Every Woman Needs To Know About Her Cycle

For years, I dreaded getting my period. The moodiness and fatigue were so confusing, and I was so tempted to go on birth control pills just so that I...

Amy Shah, M.D.
October 25 2013

How Yoga During Pregnancy Helps Me Stay Balanced

When I’m asked about the benefits of prenatal yoga, I of course can’t help but state the obvious: yoga keeps me strong, flexible, in my body, and it...

Melanie Lora Meltzer
October 17 2013

5 Reasons To Optimize Your Health Before Pregnancy

If there's one time in life when I would say “Now!” is the time to work toward your best possible health, it's before you start trying to get...

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Fertility

Because I serve a pretty diverse group of women (you’d be surprised who finds their way to the mythic land of Beverly Hills medicine!) I’m not always...

Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz M.D.
September 10 2013

8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Had A Baby

When I was pregnant with my son, I was bombarded with unwanted advice. It seems everyone has their two cents to offer when you’re pregnant. Something...

Gemma Hartley
August 22 2013

10 Tips To Have A Toxin-Free Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great time to start protecting and mothering your child within. A person could make themselves crazy trying to avoid all the toxins in...

Lori Bregman
July 24 2013

Why Yoga Is A Must During Pregnancy

It's no accident that prenatal yoga is gaining momentum. There are endless benefits expecting mothers receive from rolling out the mat. As a prenatal...

Sarah Walsh
July 16 2013

Is Your Cellphone Killing You?

Did you know that in 2011 the World Health Organization classified electromagnetic radiation from cellphones as possibly carcinogenic to humans?

Why Yoga Makes Moms Happy

Oxytocin is that magical hormone that rushes through the body when we first fall in love. Oxytocin can take us to the dizzy heights of a love sickness...

Cheryl MacDonald
June 5 2013

How To Create A Sacred Space For A Hospital Birth

Having a home birth is a beautiful experience: fresh air and natural lighting, the scent of candles, relaxing music, and loved ones nearby. Nothing...

Lori Bregman
May 28 2013

Why I Create Green Juice For Love

Recently, one of my dear private students had her much-anticipated baby, which turned out to be a girl. This was kind of a big deal. My student...

Rebecca Butler
April 12 2013