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4 Reasons Meditation Will Transform Your Pregnancy

During my pregnancy, my fundamental desire was for my baby to be balanced, happy and healthy.

Jillian Lavender
June 8 2015

10 Of The Healthiest Foods To Eat When You’re Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, you’re probably all too familiar with what foods to avoid — shellfish, unpasteurized cheese, and deli meats that may carry...

Nicole Avena, Ph.D.
May 29 2015

7 Simple Healthy Habits For Pregnant Women

The irony of pregnancy is that the actual 40 weeks is referred to as "nine months." This is an especially bitter pill to swallow in the last few...

5 Lessons I've Learned From 3 Miscarriages

Seven months. Three pregnancies. Different emotional reactions to each, but same outcome. My first miscarriage happened at nine weeks. During my first...

Erica Orange
May 27 2015

An 11-Pose Prenatal Yoga Sequence For A Blissful Birth

There are so many benefits to practicing yoga as an expectant and new mama — from improved circulation and firming of the skin, to strengthening of...

Latham Thomas
May 23 2015

To Eat Or Not To Eat: Pregnancy Myths Debunked

When you find out you’re pregnant, life automatically changes. You are no longer making everyday lifestyle choices for yourself, but also for your...

Jan Rydfors, OB-GYN
May 4 2015

10 Things I Wish More People Knew About Maternal Health Worldwide

Ten years ago, I began working as a maternal health advocate to draw attention to the millions of mothers and newborns who die each year during...

Liya Kebede
April 21 2015

How My Wife And I Overcame Miscarriage & Infertility

I met my wife the first day of high school standing in line for school pictures. Fast forward 13 years: we were newlyweds excited to start a family. I...

Cory Judge
April 21 2015

What I Wish More People Understood About Infertility

When your hopes are dashed again and again, it’s hard to have the courage to keep trying — this is a fairly universal and relatable sentiment, in all...

Dr. Jane Nani
April 17 2015

What Every Woman Should Know About Getting Pregnant After The Pill

Birth control pills are one of the most effective means of preventing pregnancy, which is why it is such a popular method of contraception. But...

Richard Schmidt, M.D.
April 3 2015

10 Practices To Experience Childbirth As A Spiritual Journey

Birth is a sacred, spiritual journey to welcome a child into the world. It's an intuitive process that requires a woman to access her right-brain...

Evelyn Ojeda-Fox
March 4 2015

7 Ingredients To Add To Your Smoothie When You're Pregnant

Smoothies are nutritious, delicious and highly recommended to enjoy as part of your preconception/pregnancy diet. They are easy to digest, will...

Lisa Lane
February 22 2015

How I Finally Got Pregnant Once I Stopped Trying So Hard

It wasn't easy for me to get pregnant. It didn't "just happen" like it does for so many people. We "tried" for two years, and with each month that...

Kaia Roman
January 28 2015

What I Wish Every Woman Knew About Doulas

I've had long labors and short labors. I've had babies in three different hospitals. However, my births do have a few things in common. I had each...

Kate Solomon
January 21 2015

4 Stretches To Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

Why do so many pregnant women have back pain? A lot happens in nine months! Some changes are obvious, some are not. The obvious change is in the size...

Denise Jagroo, DPT, WCS
January 2 2015

Pregnant & Have Back Pain? It May Be Your Bra

We know it is difficult to scold a woman to stand straight when her belly and breasts may be pulling her forward. But we'll do it anyway because we...

Denise Jagroo, DPT, WCS
December 17 2014

10 Truths About Stress & Pregnancy

There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy. Women who carry weight only in front are having a girl. Eating fewer citrus foods before conception...

Alice Domar, PhD
December 12 2014

10 Things Not To Say To Someone Experiencing Infertility

Would you tell a friend with cancer to just relax and his/her cancer would go away? Of course not. Infertility is a disease just like cancer or heart...

Alice Domar, PhD
December 4 2014